Zenture Is Hiring Developers! (Lowpoly MMORPG)


About Us

Hi there! I am the developer behind Zenture Online, a huge upcoming MMORPG game. We’re looking for developers who are willing to join our team and work with us on the game!
Zenture Discord Server

The Team

Vacant - Environment Designer / Terrain Maker
@AnubisWildDog01 - Concept Designer
@MonsieurBasile - Music Composer
Me - Lead Scripter
Vacant - Animator
Vacant - Modeler
Me - UI Designer

May may have noticed that there is currently no one on the team, it is due to the fact that I have been solo developing the game myself for a few months.

Some of the game content:

Combat System Testing Place

About The Job

We are looking for a professional developers to join the team. High quality content that adhere to our game’s style is expected. Good communication skills are appreciated; team progress is daily checked and we want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.


Preferred: Game revenue rate
Other: Robux (T-Shirts/Group Funds) or Paypal
(Revenue rate is preferred)

Animator: 1-2k per animation.
Terrain Maker: 10-15k per 1000x1000 terrain.
Scripter: Depends… A quest system can range from 3-6k while skills system is 5-8k.

Prices can increase in case of the creation an extremely good work.

Contact Information

Discord: AlvinPolys#5233
Developer Forum

Thanks for your time! :smile:

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Hosting Systems Locally vs Globally

I would really like to help…but I don’t know… I am working on the LowPoly MMORPG alone too. You are a way better modeler I can say that. I am animator, modeler, scripter and UI artist. I might learn more about MMORPG’s.


Would like to get in contact with you, may you provide your discord?


Updated the payment details…
Paypal payment is available as well.


What are the jobs the programmer is expected to do?


Optimizations for current systems, creating systems such as skills, inventory, shop, customization tab and etc…
All assets are to be provided for the scripter for the system/task he/she is working on.


Would it be possible for me to do some of those tasks rather than all of them if I applied? Sort of a one time commission per task.


Yeah, however all scripts must be advanced, bug-free and optimized…


That won’t be a problem. Can we talk on Discord further? LordHammy#1337


A sure thing, however I will contact you tomorrow, it is late here… Sorry!


Hey! You should probably specify a payment range also so people can know it better! :slightly_smiling_face:


There are various positions, but sure…


Well. Specifing the payment range for each position helps rating the payment per work hour and so that’s what is calculated by the most of people before starting a job. Time can be rated by interested people by themselves basing on the example tasks you noted. However - they can’t know how much you are willing to pay them.


Thanks for letting me know about that, as I didn’t have that in mind.
Payment range has been added.


I’m looking forward to this project, it looks like it’s going to be a neat game.

Good luck to all the current and new team members.


Thanks! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Terrain Maker Payment Increased


I wouldn’t mind applying but I’d actually like to stay in a long term developer team.


I’m interested. DM me on Developer Forum, or discord. bxnani ; andrew#1845


@SYKOxXVenomXx Mind accepting the request? Its been two days…