Zep - A Roblox-TS plugin boilerplate

Hello, :wave:
I have recently created a boilerplate called “Zep” for Roblox-TS. It allows you to easily create a new plugin by just cloning it from GitHub and running ./project init. It comes with its own little cli tool that is capable of running all actions needed for development. Invoke it using ./project for a list of commands. A GitPod config allows you to start right away from your browser without setting anything up.

If anyone wants to try it:

Using the CLI:
Read the wiki about instructions

Click on this link → GitPod and it will set up everything in your browser. Here is the homepage if you don’t know what GitPod is: https://www.gitpod.io

Link to Zep’s GitHub repo:

Tell me what you think about it. Any feature requests, bug reports and constructive feedback is welcome.

Reminder: Zep is not done and still under active development. Expect bugs. This is also the reason why I have first created a post in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback instead of #resources:community-resources