Zepheria's Portfolio [Scripter]

  • Hello, I am Zepheria and I am a scripter. Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I have around 3 years experience.

What am I able to make?

What am I unable to make?
  • I am not familiar with gun and car systems.


I have worked with 2 studios, Kubes and CDX Studios.

  • Kubes Owner Note: “LuckyGamerEmir is the Co-Owner of Kubes and the Lead developer of Guard Studios,he lacks in building and art,but his knowledge of Roblox LUA programming is very high and complex,you can decide to trust him or not but personally he’s a good guy! :thumbsup:
  • CDX Studios is not developing on roblox anymore. They are writing discord bots.

I have worked for several people that didn’t had a group.

Some of my work here.

Candy Land - Commission Game - Roblox
Pet System - Roblox
Extreme Power Training Simulator - Roblox

  • I am generally available, also my timezone is GMT+3. When I start a task I always try to finish it in the given time and usually I do. There could be IRL events that may occur me to delay the task.

  • I prefer USD. I don’t accept percentage.

  • If you want to hire me you must follow these rules.
  • Send a document about explaining the task if it is long term job.
  • I will start doing the task, when I have finished it around %50 you will pay me and I will send you the tasks current state. When I finish the task I will send the full version.
  • If I have to I can deny the task. (I won’t be taking any payment.)
    If you hire me, that means you have accepted the rules above. They might change so always read them if you are going to hire me.

  • You can contact me on discord or devforum. I prefer discord if possible. Zepheria#5947

There are not enough words to explain how amazing Zepheria is. I needed a scripter for my game Candy Land, and he did everything I asked him with no hesitation. We were together making the game for about a month, and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!


do you know how to make a strength simulator and how much do you ask for it