Zero Pulse // Community Guidelines



Thank you for taking the time to review our Community Guidelines. A full list of these Guidelines is and will always be available in game for your review and reference.

By playing our game, you automatically agree to these rules and how they are enforced on your account. You understand that any losses, liabilities, or damages that arise as a result of account moderation is due to your actions and therefore removes the liability from us.

While conducting yourself in this game, we ask that you remember this game is a roleplay-based game. The game should be played with this intent in mind.


1. Do Not Exploit or Cheat

Exploiting or cheating are expressly prohibited, and are defined as a) using an injector or other third-party tool to run exploits, b) exploiting vulnerabilities in the game or Roblox Engine, or c), abusing glitches in the game.

2. Be Respectful

Keep your interactions with others respectful and kind. Do not insult, demean, or otherwise disrespect other users.

3. Do Not Spam

Spamming contributes to multiple definitions, both existing to this game and outside of it. Regardless, spamming is not tolerated. Spamming is classed as a) sending a message or messages repetitively over a short period of time, b) sending unsolicited advertisements, or c) being otherwise unproductive to the forum.

4. Refrain from Controversial Topics

We ask that you refrain from topics which are deemed "controversial." In this sense, we ask that you refrain from political, religious, or otherwise controversial topics not appropriate for forum on Roblox.

5. Do Not Ban Evade

Do not evade a ban issued to you or otherwise assist another user in evading a ban issued to their account.

6. Do Not Spread Misinfo or Fearmonger

Do not spread information, regardless of whether or not you know it to be false. Similarly, do not spread information with the intent to incite fear into other users.

7. Respect Staff

We ask that you be respectful to Staff and their time. They are servicing the game under voluntary conditions to keep it safe for every player. This means you should not: be rude to staff, disobeying staff commands, submitting a false report, impeding staff, pretending to be a moderator, or threatening to call a moderator if a user "doesn't stop."

8. Do Not Impersonate Others

Do not pretend to be other people, including, but not limited to, Roblox Staff, Game Staff, Developers, or celebrities.

9. Do Not Share PII

Do not share your personal information or anyone else's personal/private information.

10. Do Not Troll or Grief

Do not participate in inflammatory behavior with the intent to incite a negative reaction or a reaction from other players or otherwise ruin the experience of the game for those users.

11. Keep Avatars Appropriate

Keep your avatars appropriate. Avatars should not be insulting, disrespectful, or otherwise taboo, regardless of what the intention of the avatar is for. This includes any part of the avatar which is viewable via in-game means, including the username and display name.

12. Do Not Leak

Do not leak content which is intended to be released in the future. If you come across such information you will be held liable under this rule is you forward the information to any users via any means.

13. Do Not Random-Kill

Do not kill another player unless it is for self-defense or other roleplay-related purposes.



In the instance you encounter bugs, regardless of the losses or gains as a result of encountering that bug, we are under no circumstance required to revert the aforementioned gains or losses that may have occurred to your account.

Your account may not be restored to the state prior to encountering the bug, and any temporary items will not be restored to your account upon their loss. This policy does not apply to situations where the result of a bug was the result of a player forcing the bug to occur.

Ban Appeals

Ban appeals are conducted via our Discord server and will always be handled there. You can find the links to join our Discord in the game’s Social Links section. You are required to be of a minimum age in order to join our server and this should always be kept in mind.

Ban Appeals will only be granted exclusively in the situation where a punishment had been determined to be false. No other circumstance will warrant a situation a ban appeal will be granted. You will never be granted compensation for being issued a false ban.

Ban Appeals will also not be granted for the following reasons:

  • Your cat walked across your keyboard.
  • Your account was used by someone other than yourself.
  • Ignorance of a rule/rules.
  • You’re apologetic/sorry for what you did.
  • You “have a good gaming chair.”