ZeroTwo Model(Blender)

ZeroTwo(One Month Old)
Time Spent:30Minutes


It’s amazing. I guess you can make the hair kinda pinker. But overall it’s amazing and I’m really shocked that you did this within 30Minutes. :star2:

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I like it a lot! But is the clothing supposed to be shiny like that?

Yea I’ll make a new zero two later on. Roblox version or humanoid?

I don’t really like or watch anime too much so I don’t know too much about her or him, but good work!

Looks good. The hair is different but it looks good

you better do humanoid, man. I bet it would look sick!

Yea yea humanoid zero two is coming soon :smirk: prob tomorrow

Looks pretty good but shading is weird, could be the shiny effect though

I agree with @Bauzly, I think you should do humanoid.