ZIndex and ImageColor3 for Decals

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m requesting 2 features, ZIndex and ImageColor3 for decals.

Me and my friend Scriptos are working on character creation for a game and the limitations in decal properties drastically reduce user customization in-game.

The first issue became apparent with warpaints and how they layer on the front face of the head part.

In this gif of randomly generated faces we can see that certain warpaints overlap the eyes. This could easily be solved with a ZIndex for decals, and would also make the iris color easier to edit. Layering images would be very useful for other features, too. Another example would be if we wanted to add a temporary ‘scar’. We wouldn’t want that scar going over the eye, and a ZIndex could solve this.

I understand that ZIndex is a setting only in GUIs, so perhaps a new setting that lets you set the order of decals specifically could be a more appropriate request.

Secondly there is the issue of the warpaint and iris color. ImageLabels in SurfaceGuis have ‘ImageColor3’, which is absent from decals. Below we can see how its used and its usefulness in character creation.

These features are currently absent from decals and make it very difficult for us as developers to create a wide variety of customizable features for users in-game. The gif above was made using SurfaceGuis, which display as flat images unable to wrap around objects in roblox as seen below.


Note how the warpaint sticks off the face in the above image.[/spoiler]

The current solutions to our problems are simply not good enough. Uploading manual color variants for each warpaint or eye color total in the thousands and even then, creating an entire face out of SurfaceGuis doesn’t only project it off the head, but it doesn’t respond well to lighting, either.

Note how the SurfaceGuis don’t darken with the environment. SurfaceGuis lack many of the essential properties that a decal includes.

Perhaps what I am asking for here is an entirely new Basic Object? If decals for whatever reason can’t have these properties, perhaps a new element that has all the features of a Decal and ImageLabel could be introduced to the workspace? Let me know what you all think :slight_smile:


ImageColor3 is a must for Decals and Textures, but for the ZIndex thing, just make sure to parent the warpaint to the head before the face.

I’ve tried that, but having a decal layer system / ZIndex would avoid things like this, where the top visible image is out of my control.

It’s only like this in studio right now because I’ve reloaded the server after setting the names. In-game it’s just the order they’re added, which is the issue.

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