ZIndex randomly resetting


Hi there! I am currently using the ZIndex property in UI elements to properly change which UI element should go behind/in front of it. However, at random moments (usually when the user resets their character), the ZIndex stops working and goes back to default. I don’t know why this happens, so if anyone can tell me a way to fix it, I’ll be glad! :slight_smile:

And if you’re wondering, I’ve already tried setting the ResetOnSpawn property to false and it does not fix it.

Have you also checked the DisplayOrder of the ScrrenGui you are using? Another GUI might be overlapping it from a separate ScreenGui.

Well, the problem is, I’m not able to use DisplayOrder as it will overlap a different GUI from admin commands, which is a GUI I cannot access. So instead, I’m willing to use ZIndex to change the overlapping for specific UI elements, instead of the entire GUI.

Okay, I didn’t know you were able to use negative numbers for your DisplayOrder, so I did that and it fixed it. Still though, the ZIndex resetting can be very annoying.