Zippy's - Rank Table


Holder: Reserved for a bot account that we use for our ranking bot in the communications server and a bot to better secure our group.

Founder: Reserved for the owner, Catboy522. (MAX: 1) (Ownership, SHR)

Co-founder: Reserved for the co-owner. (MAX: 1) (Ownership, SHR)

President: Reserved for the president(s). (MAX: 2-3) (Ownership, SHR)

Vice President: Reserved for the Vice President(s). (MAX: 3-4) (Ownership, SHR)

Chief Operations Officer: These staff members are the main source of leadership, and they promote, and more. They supervise, and provide well-being for the group. (MAX: 11) (HR)

Development Team: They develop our games and keep our games up and running. (MAX: Unlimited) (HR)

Management: The members supervise and help around the Restaurant. They protect against trollers, exploiters, and more. They also host sessions. (MAX: 55) (HR)

Supervisor: Main supervision for the Restaurant, Help during sessions, and more. (MAX: 75) (MR)

Head Cashier: First rank to be promoted from. Supervises, help during sessions. (MAX: 95) (MR)

Cashier: Main staff rank, works at the Restaurant. (MAX: Unlimited) (LR)

Trainee: After getting interviewed, you must attend trainings. (Max: Unlimited) (LR)

Noted Customer: Those who have been an SHR, or have contributed lots to the group. (Max: Unlimited) (NR)

Allied Representatives: Those who are alliance representatives. (MAX: Unlimited) (NR)

Customer: Customer of the group. (MAX: Unlimited) (NR)