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About Us: Ziva Hotels

Welcome to the official handbook page of Ziva Hotels! We are a highly strong community that is proud to be one of Roblox’s largest. There are many things that we hold within our hotel to keep our visitors entertained and satisfied with their stay.

You’re able to visit our large outdoor waterpark complex which consists of a pool, watersides, merchandise stall, cafe stall, lounge stall, beach area, and so much more! We also hold various indoor activities that include our casino, bar, and VIP lounge area.

Ziva Hotels was originally founded by Zivao on the 24th of March 2019, and has been running ever since!

Handbook: Contents Section

Public Guidelines
  1. You must follow all guidelines and Terms of Service set by Roblox.
  2. Trolling, spamming, raiding, advertising, or otherwise intending to cause trouble is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate moderation action.
  3. Exploiting, glitching, using any third-party software to take advantage over other players, or utilising any Roblox related bugs is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate moderation action.
  4. Bypassing the chat filter, using any vulgar slurs or language, or being suggestive in an inappropriate intent will immediately result in moderation action.
  5. Respect everybody regardless of their race, age, minority, religion, background, orientation, disability, political views, and such.
  6. Avoid asking any sort of personal questions that might inflict unintentional discrimination.
  7. You may not ‘expose’ or ‘trash talk’ any group or person.
  8. If you are told what you are doing is making somebody uncomfortable and you know it’s wrong, cease your actions immediately.
  9. You are strictly not allowed to record your application, interview, or training process, doing so will immediately get your rank terminated and blacklisted unless you blur or remove any aid of support (answers).

Employee Guidelines
  1. You must follow all guidelines and Terms of Service set by Roblox.
  2. You must follow all Public Guidelines listed above.
  3. Grammar is required to be used in all group games published under our group.
  4. You cannot troll or break any guidelines on the premises of any other game or group
  5. You may not publicly steam, capture, or record any restricted areas or features implemented into the game or user interface. This includes but is not limited to datastore lookups, employee logs, administrator rooms, and such.
  6. If recording Interview or Training sessions, you must destroy all traces of potential aid and support (such as answers in the chatbox).

Trainees and above are required to follow these additional rules, failure to do so may result in termination or suspension of ranks.

Rank Responsibility Descriptions
  • Trainee: Unofficially part of the employment force, awaiting training.
  • Room Service: Responsible for cleaning the hotel premises, rooms, and serving visitors at the bar or bringing snacks to rooms on request.
  • Receptionist: Responsible for checking in/out visitors at the hotel and ensuring all visitors feel welcomed into the hotel.
  • Security: Critical role of ensuring all visitors are behaving in an orderly manner and are abiding by all our Public Guidelines. Responsible for dealing with exploiters, trolls, and other disruptions that may occur.

Middle Ranks are responsible for Interviewing Guests, Training Trainees, and most importantly, Moderating our Group Games to ensure the safety of all visitors.

High Ranks are responsible for managing Ranks, Sessions, Community Reports, Moderation Action, and Complaints, along with all the duties of Middle Ranks.

Senior Ranks are responsible for the group executive management such as Corporate, Departments, Public Relations, and have familiar duties to our High Ranks.

Alliance Formation & Guidelines


  • Your group must consist of at least 1,000 members.
  • Consistent levels of activity.
  • Appropriate and enforced Discord Server and Group.
  • Selling of group ranks that have permission to perform moderation action is prohibited. Selling points that can be used to rank up is completely fine.
  • Your group must stand in good reputation.
  • Professionalism within management is vital.
  • Send your alliance application to a Vice President or Zivao, using these questions:

1) What is the official name of your community?
2) What’s the genre of your community? (Ex: Hotel, Restaurant, Homestore)
3) Are you willing to regularly create and participate in public events?
4) How many community members do you currently possess?
5) How could this alliance benefit both of our communities?
6) How many Middle-Ranked and High-Ranked members do you have?
7) Tell us more about your community!
8) Does your group agree to comply with the Requirements and ToS fluently throughout our alliance partnership?
9) Who will be representing your community at Ziva Hotels?
^ (Please pick trustworthy people, they will be responsible for upholding your reputation in our community; they will be alerted of our events)

We have the right to terminate the alliance held between any community that fails to abide by the ToS, or drastically unfollows our requirements. Relations between our allies must remain in a healthy state.

Moderation Appeals
  • Permanent bans are appealable with the expulsion of exploiting.
  • Appealing permanent bans is a one-time courtesy, you may not appeal more than once if your appeal is accepted.
  • You must send all appeals to a Senior Rank member using this format:

Ban Reason:
Appeal Reason:

  • We have the right to reject any appeal sent without providing a reason for doing so.

Handbook: Links Section

Our Discord server can be located in the description of the group under ‘social links’, but is only visible to users aged 13 or above.

Game Credits

  • Ziva Hotels V2
    Building: EfectsVIVI
    Programming: Zivao
    Graphics: xHunt_er

  • Training Center
    Building: EfectsVIVI
    Programming: Zivao
    Graphics: xHunt_er

  • Interview Center
    Building: xHunt_er
    Programming: Zivao
    Graphics: xHunt_er

  • Application Center
    Programming: Zivao

  • Auditorium
    Building: xHunt_er
    Programming: Zivao
    Graphics: xHunt_er

Audio played in-game is strictly credited towards their artist(s) which are displayed when the sound begins to play. If you are the copyright holder of any audio used in our game and would like it removed, please contact us directly!

This handbook is an official document of Ziva Hotels, you may use any information stated here to aid your experience and knowledge within our group. This handbook was written by Zivao and is actively updated when appropriate.

Zivao | President,
Senior Rank Team,
Ziva Hotels