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About Me :wave:

Hey there, my name is Kuzey, as known as Zelqify in the community. I’m living in Turkey. I’m studying at mid-school. I have been coding over 5 years.

Showcase :film_projector:

I also have more projects that I’ve done. But anyways. I’ll keep my portfolio clear. So I won’t put much projects here.

See other information about me, payment and contact here: Z_lqify Portfolio


Going to miss your logo skills :frowning: But good luck with scripting

On the other note hand
How much do you think it would be to make a saving kill and coins leaderboard (With a coins per kill function)

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Comission status: :red_circle:

Updated Prices
Updated Contact Informations


My comissions are still closed but it’ll be open next week. If you want to hire me, feel free to send me a message.

great, does the job very well. I am happy to work with you

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Comission status: :green_circle:

I updated my portfolio with new showcases!