Zollax's Wrath RPG Update Log

Glad to see that you’ve decided to check out the history (and current additions) to my RPG game! Updates are listed in chronological order with the top being the newest and the bottom being the oldest.

All updates V0.2.1 and onwards will follow the more detailed format:
(+) for game additions
(*) for bug fixes
(-) for removals
(…) Provides more information on modification listed above it

Latest Release:

Version 0.3.1 (4/19/22)

Minor update that paves the way for future content:
+The game now saves your progress (And its automatic)!
…Game is still in a heavy testing phase, expect frequent data wipes for the foreseeable future
…WIP; Since you cannot obtain new swords as of now, the save system does not save your inventory upon leaving the game
+First fully textured/detailed NPC added
…Will serve as the first shop, you can currently talk with it but GUIs and ability to purchase are coming soon
+Other slight adjustments to the very visible prefab NPC stand

Legacy updates:

Version 0.3.0 (4/16/22)

This version focuses on integrating more RPG-like elements and fixing combat:
+Final rework to placeholder NPC models; They now utilize the built-in dummy rigs
…This also means they all have smiley faces now :slight_smile:
+Enemies are now animated! Took longer than it should have, but they use default ROBLOX animations
+Leaderboards now include functionality which adds exp/gold on kills and levels players when appropriate
*Fixed an issue which caused enemies to always spawn facing South regardless of enemy spawn orientation
*Swords are new and improved!
…No longer damages players
…Damage is dealt once per swing rather than repeatedly
…Damage range for weapons are now displayed and calculated correctly (previously damage values would not update and be locked on game startup)

Version 0.2.0 (3/20/22)

This update primarily focuses on NPC mechanics:
+Motor6D functionality added to NPCs
…Allows movement when needed
+More NPC types now exist!
…Quest giver, shopkeeper, tutorial helper
+First enemy added
…Falls apart on death and respawns after a few seconds
…Currently WIP; Does not chase the player or deal damage in its current state
+Simple leaderboard system has been scripted to display levels, EXP, and gold
…Currently WIP; Values are locked at 0.
+Spawnpoint now has no collision and is invisible upon game startup
+Starter Sword thumbnail changed from default “Linked Sword” picture to text stating its name
+Update log moved to the DevForum! Longer lists like these are now possible
*Neutral NPCs can no longer take damage
*Fixed an issue with the Starter Sword that allowed it to damage passively whilst held after a single attack

Version 0.1.0 (3/18/22)

World overridden and remade entirely to fix any issues that may have persisted with a 5 year old file; Functioning starter sword implemented; Spawn point added; Test NPC created; Fixed issue with bubble chat not displaying properly.

Version 0.0.2 (3/15/22)

After a long hiatus, development has resumed; Visibility set to public.

Version 0.0.1 (6/24/17)

Changed the baseplate to green grass and removed studs.

Coming Soon:
-PvE update which allows enemies to finally attack and chase players within a reasonable distance
-Basic GUI elements (Visual EXP counter? Shop Menus?)

Known Issues:
None! :slight_smile: