Zombie game that i've been working on

“Undead At World Wars”, is a game that I’ve been working on for the past 2 years. And it’s soon about to launch this year. It is a mission based zombie survival game that takes place in world war 2 and the point is to survive with a randomized amount of missions for each map and reach each checkpoint without dying!
And if you successfully beat all the missions, try to get back to the spawn without losing towards the infected bosses.

Edit: 2024 Overhaul engine:


Looks Promising, Though the Lights are a bit bright to a certain degree, For Example the 3rd Image.

So Basically Call Of Duty Zombies, nice.

I haven’t clarified how gameplay is like, but it’s almost nothing like Cod zombies. More like a mix of L4D, BFV, and TLOU2 just with a ww2 theme. anyways thanks.

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i like the idea of this and it looks like you have put work into it. I will definitely try it once its out!

sounds like its really combining your favourite aspects from your favourite games, to create your favourite game, good luck brother!

cause nothing more than a work of love that i love so much about movies and games, developers thinking about something they love, and not what the numbers say a demography will love.
when the demography is the director himself, thats when i open my ears.

Yeah this game still hasn’t released in over 3 years, doing a lot of rework for optimizations lately…
and still implementing new mechanics to the alpha.

Anyways, thanks.

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make sure to stay organized in tasks, to do lists, done, bugs, plans,
feature ideas, problems those features bring, and how to solve those problems (in other words, gameplay and game design), make sure your project coheisively knows what it wants to be, none of that “whatever the player wants” mistake

and ofcourse, hire people to work on things that they are best at, no builder doing programming and vice versa

set milestones, dates, goals and maybe a schedule as to when to work on which aspect of the game