Zombie Game Thumbnail GFX

Made this today not for any game in particular but some feedback would be nice!


There’s not much in the scene, and the lighting is bad

EDIT: Here’s thing you can potentially improve on!

  1. Making it look like what’s in the actual game
  2. More visuals to make the average player seem interested
  3. More models, variety and foliage
  4. Be honest with me, who would win- the zombie or the human?

NOTE: This is mostly used if you want to make a actual game.

Hope this helps!


Couple Issues:
Obvious end of the ground, figure out a way to hide it.
Clipping into the ground
Not much going on


I can’t tell if he’s clipping or kneeling in the ground, also the lighting doesn’t blend at all

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I’d make it a little more darker and the ambient next to the zombie maybe dark green so it’d look “spooky”.

terrible lighting
just a guy and a zombie
just grass not even a flower or a tree
the ending is visible
the guy looks like he is sinking into the ground
the guy’s arms are clipping into the zombie
the grass looks weird

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I have been only doing this for a month lol thanks for the advise???

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Cool but a few things should be changed.

  1. Like @Pokemoncraft5290 said, you should expand out the back and not make it a harsh cut off
  2. The lighting on the zombie is weird, it looks like the zombie is plastic, rather then, well, a zombie
  3. Finally, the legs are separated from the zombie, might wanna fix that!

Once you do that it’ll be looking way better :smiley: