Zombie Rush - Halloween Update - Update 3.8.0


Halloween Update - Update 3.8.0

Last updated: October 14th, 2021


This month’s update brings a new Halloween event to Zombie Rush, new weapons, general improvements and much more!


  • New limited time Halloween Event
  • Added a new badge: Pumpkin Picker
  • Added The Creature Zombie for a limited time
  • Added Mummy Zombie for a limited time
  • New game pass: Blade of the Ghosdeeri
  • Pumpkin Zombies have returned
  • Pumpkin Brute have returned
  • Enabled double XP for a limited time
  • New map: Pinewood Forest
  • Added new Zombie models
  • Added new animations to Zombies
  • Added 9 new secondary melee weapons
  • Added 3 new Zombie weapons
  • Added limited time clothing in the lobby
  • Updated the game icon
  • Added a new game thumbnail
  • Enabled Roblox’s new Spatial Voice [1]


  • Added a skip button to the loading screen
  • Redesigned the model and particles for Rainbow SMGs
  • Updated the icon of the Rainbow SMGs game pass
  • Updated the icon of the Nuke Launcher game pass


  • Fixed a glitch where the weapon hotbar would not display correctly
  • Fixed on-screen XP earned not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the bullet tracer color of the Rainbow SMGs
  • Fixed rounds not starting in Hardcore mode


  • Removed Catacombs from the map rotation
  • Removed Snow Lodge from the map rotation

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[1] Roblox Spatial Voice is currently in beta testing. Not all users on the platform currently have access to this feature and this feature requires all users to undergo age verification.

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