Zombie Shooter Feedback [UPDATE]

Hello again fellow devforumers :wave: , thank you so much to all 15 of you who played our game on our first post and all the valuable feedback you gave us. After a week of hard coding and modeling we have our first update that is worthy to ask you guys for another go at the game.

Comp 1_5

Key new features

  • Economy system, zombies now give cash rewards, cash can be used for upgrades.
  • Upgrades system, you can increase weapon damage, reload speed and mag size of all weapons with your hard earned cash
  • UIs for all of the above
  • Improved zombie deaths, most common feedback was that it got boring fast to kill zombies and we heard you :smiley: . Now zombies killed with bullets ragdoll to their death and when killed with explosions they blow up really high, hope you have as much fun as us killing them now.

What’s next?
I could say a million things, but realistically what we are working actively now is to make prioritize players over objectives if they stand in their way, which will open up the game a lot to be able to use player health as a strategic resource to protect the walls health (and add a lot of new mechanics for health, shield, invulnerability, etc)

If you want to take a minute to try the game and give feedback on what you see and what you want to see, we would really appreciate it :pray: .

Also here i leave the UIs in case you dont have time to play but want to chip in with some advise.

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Uh maybe I’m just being picky, but your game says 9+ and I would put it under 13+
Looks very nice though!

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Hi, hmm the 9+ was set by Roblox after filling the questionaire honestly, i don’t think they look too scary but im old so i might be wrong lol. Glad you like the style though, ty!

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Looks really good and killing the ragdoll zombies is very fun, keep up the good work :+1: !

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Thanks man, glad you liked the updates, stay tuned for the next one :muscle: