Zombie Waves - or very useless thing

Soo, i was bored, and wanna do anything, and i got remember a Days Gone, and his zombies
i wanna repeat this on roblox. And i got some result, but there is some bugs that im trying to fix.

The biggest optimization in this module is to check for the presence of a player not from every zombie, but from the center of the wave.

Because is not good idea try to find player with 100+ zombies…
Im try to improve it later.,because on bad devices it be VERY LAG(and more laggy if you got on top of wave), and there spawn problem - zombies just got stuck in baseplate :sob:

But anyway i hope it really help you make something similar

Link : Wave Zombie TEST [UNCOPYLOCKED] - Roblox


It’s really easy to fix your issues, that you have. You can try to fix the 100+ zombies with waves, similar to TDS(Tower Defence Simulator).

Try doing:

for i=1, howMuchWaves do
--code bla bla bla

And in it you have to make a module script which spawns the zombies. But for the module script to work you have to require it:

local moduleScriptsName = script.ModuleScript

for i=1, howMuchWaves do
--code bla bla bla

For the zombies to track the person you again have to go to the module script, find the zombie('s) and spawn them through the waves example:

local module = {}

local function module.Spawn(mob)
     local mobSpawn = mob:Clone()
      --rest of the code bla bla bla

local function module.Track(player)
      -- more code lol

return module

Hello, thanks for your reply! Im try to fix this all! by waves of zombies, I mean clusters of zombies that go in the same direction, like in Days Gone.