Zombies: The Horde - Visual Feedback

I am looking for visual feedback on a few of my upcoming game’s assets and UI. Constructive criticism is welcome as I am looking for optimal front-page advice on any visual edits that may need to be made.

I am doing a recreation/reimagination of Zombie Rush with new future features including power-ups, curses, and an open-world free-for-all edition.

Game Logo:
ZTH Logo

Loading Screen:


Night Ambience: - Days and nights occur with world-changing dynamics.


Button Hovering Effect: - Look on the left over the red ‘Be a Zombie’ button. This effect will appear on all interacting buttons with their name/function (i.e. Shop, Spectate, Be A Zombie, Almanac, Settings, etc.)


Wave shooters are getting too generic, try to add some survival features. For example, the player must find food, shelters and defenses. For example this game Zombie City - Roblox .
But the issue is, most games are too easy, and what I mean is that zombies are stupid. They can’t pathfind, they can’t break doors, they get stuck…
I would love to have a survival zombie game with the feeling of All of Us are Dead or I am legend.

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I had another Zombie game idea that was also round-based but fit your description more, I just never worked on the idea. I’ve only worked on Zombies: The Horde.

It would’ve been called “Dead by Daylight” and each “round” is a night of survival with night progression acting like five nights at freddy’s.

The zombies only attack at night and get progressively more aggressive the longer you last.

I already have pathfinding zombies coded for ZTH, they are able to jump, run, open doors, and crawl.

  • Do you think I should pause dev on ZTH and actually work on Dead By Daylight?
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