ZonePlus v2 Template


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Construct dynamic zones and effectively determine players and parts within their boundaries.

:rocket: Examples

Safe Zone

Paint Zone

Coin Spawner


Voting Pads


Random Part Generator


Ambient Areas

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:package: Installation

:bulb: API


  • We highly recommend users of v1 transition to v2 due to its significant optimisations and greater ease of use. v2 is not backwards compatible with v1.

  • Part-checking events (i.e. zone.partEntered and zone.partExited) will not fully optimise until BasePart.CanTouch goes live.

  • Big thanks to these people for their resources and contributions:

    • EgoMoose’s RotatedRegion3
    • Quenty’s Maid and Signal
    • Lucke0051 for assistance with the documentation
    • JohnnyMorganz for workflow guidance
  • ZonePlus is completely free and open source. It operates under an MIT License; you only have to provide credit and link back to this thread to use and modify.

  • This project has taken a considerable amount of time to develop so any feedback is greatly appreciated!