ZonitoVisuals | A Flipbook Previewer & Particle Library Plugin


* Overview

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ZonitoVisuals is a plugin aiming to improve to workflow & efficiency of VFX Artists.
It does this by allowing the user to search through a built-in library of particle textures,
with categories & in-plugin previews for flipbooks.

ZonitoVisuals comes with a starting pack of 550+ textures & flipbooks

(All assets included in the plugin are open-source, contributed willingly or otherwise approved by the original artists, credits are shown in-plugin when possible. All assets are available for publishing, and you will not get into any legal difficulties when using them.)

Plugin Overview (Youtube)
Plugin Showcase (Youtube)

ZonitoVisuals boasts a (currently) 100% positive rep on the Creator Store, with completely positive reviews under the plugin.

* Information

ZonitoVisuals stores its built-in textures in an external database (its a txt file, nothing suspicious), which is why you need to give the plugin Http permissions upon install. You can use the plugin without giving permission, but you won’t be able to access any of the built-in textures.

ZonitoVisuals allows you to import & save your own textures, flipbooks & assets into the library, with fully customizable texture names & categorization. These personal textures are saved in a plugin Settings file, meaning they are completely private and I cannot access them whatsoever.

ZonitoVisuals includes a built-in flipbook previewer capable of playing flipbooks onto the UI through an ImageLabel. You can customize the FPS & Colour of the preview in the Settings tab.

* Notices

As you may notice when first opening the plugin, the button labelled “VFX Presets” does not work.
This is because I have had to remove it temporarily due to some small errors, it will be later improved and fixed before being added back into the plugin.
The VFX Presets tab will allow you to save NumberSequences & ColorSequences for your particles in a categorized & neat manner.

* Plugin Screenshots

* Credits

Majority of scripting done by @ Z0nito / @ Zonit0
UI made by @ yds.wtf
Built-In-Textures made by open-source artists online, Credit is shown in-plugin for textures that have been directly contributed by Artists / willingly added

I took reference / sampled code from a comment I found under a DevForum post a while ago, I haven’t been able to find the original comment yet; but if anyone can track it down for me it would be appreciated + I could credit contribution.
(The code in question is related to the in-UI flipbook previewer, using the Slice property.)


Thanks for making this, it’s been a help with learning VFX! :laughing:

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“Zonito Visuals”, I agree that this plugin is effective for making quick particles although the outcome of using these particles differ.
The quality is different to which is shown and most of the visuals comes from free vfx’s on discord servers such as “RoVFX”

How do I know?
Simple, I was scrolling there and found a majority of which was sold to me for $5.99 USD.

Do I recommend buying?
As a last resort, you can go ahead and buy it. If not, head to a patreon which gives you access to proper, updated visual effects.

the main usecase of the plugin is storing your own textures, the textures that come with it are just for showcasing… also wym “quality is different” its the exact same textureids, any quality changes are due to your bad specs or misuse