ZoomCode 3D Modeler Portfolio

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to look over my portfolio. I’ve been a 3D Modeler and Builder for almost 2 years. I have a huge passion for making Roblox Games. I’m the Lead Developer of Island Jump, Color Shuffle, and a new game which hasn’t been released yet. I’m highly active so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you have any suggestions I’m also open to those : )

I’ve done some other commissions and Models becides the ones listed below but mostly small things. If you have any suggestions on how you think I can improve my Modeling/Building Skills feel free to let me know.

Commission For Paratype

Medival Island

Island Jump Assets

I accept both Robux and Paypal.
Robux Starting Price (1k)
Paypal Starting Price (3$)
If it’s something very basic and small exceptions can be made.
You can contact me on discord or on the developer forum. However I’m not highly active on the developer forum so it’s prefered to be contact via discord.

Thanks for looking at my Portfolio!
Kind Regards