Zooming into Microprofiler too far Freezes Studio!

Roblox Studio 0.458.1.415373

Just zoom in. That’s it.
Everything including replication instructions, time, where, when, and how it happens are included in the video. Have confirmed this happening with 1 other person so far. They said they used to get this issue 2 years ago and fixed it. And it happens to him when he zooms in on a lag spike specifically. For me, it’s any time I zoom into microprofiler too far.

Hope this video provides enough information! Will try to follow up with the dump file.


Thank you for posting this, I was experiencing this as far back as Early July.

As for it crashing, this is effecting my workflow as a QA Tester for games.

Lets say I notice lag and open the Microprofiler to see what is causing it, zoom in for details, and boom, my game is gone, and since the engine hard crashes, I am unable to see any errors leading to what might be causing this.

Please fix ASAP.

(mini edit, this can happen in both studio and in-game.)

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Any update? This is still effecting my workflow.