Zuture Hiring Administrative Assistant

Greetings! :wave:

Welcome to Zuture! A tropical place where you can get away, but still feel like you’re in a futuristic place.
We are a tropical cafe that aims to innovate and change the entire experience of what a cafe is about. We aim to bring to you one of the most memorable experiences and memory. No matter if you are a staff or customer, we hope you have fun here. :beach_umbrella: :doughnut: :cake:

We are a new group and we will be running ads. I plan to put about 10k into the ads.

We have 1 spot of SHR left.

  • Administrative Assistant

The HR and MR applications are going on.


  • Community engagement
  • Manage staff team
  • Host activities
  • Manage activities
  • Work on plans for the group

Requirement to be a SHR:

  • 13+
  • Understand how to manage a group
  • Willing to work hard
  • Patient and mature
  • Friendly

Group Link: Zuture - Roblox
Contact me in Discord: wkvlogs#9926

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