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About Me

I am Zynkez, and I am a somewhat experienced builder on Roblox. I have been building for the past 2 years now. Although only my past few months of building has been taken seriously, lots of growth has been shown through more experience. (I prefer to build assets rather than full sized maps.) I will also have the ability to decline your offer, or stop working on a build if I feel I will not be able to get it done because of other reasons.


Ruins Theme


Simulator Maps


I am active almost all the time so will have lots of work time for commissions. Keep in mind on week days I have schoolwork to get done before I can start any projects. Just because I am active a lot does not mean I will spend every hour of my day working on a project. Keep in mind I also have a life and other things that need to get done.


Prices are negotiable. I will usually prefer being paid per map/asset. I only accept Robux payments.
Small Map 1-3k
Medium Map 5-8k
Large Map 10-15k
Assets 250-1k depending on detail


Discord: Zynkez#4292

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


It says sample image.

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I’m working on it lol…! It’s a work in progress, I have only just posted the Portfolio. I still have quite a few examples to show of my work I will add on later.