Zyra® - Public Handbook

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Welcome to the official guidebook for the ROBLOX group, Zyra®. Zyra® was founded in 2021 by chrisgrandee as the best modern cuisine on ROBLOX serving unlimited hotel rooms and facilities within the resort to our lovely community.

Below, you will find our public handbook with all of the information that you will need to know about the group. If you have any questions, feel free to message a MR+ and they will be happy to assist you.


We have decided to introduce a Zyra® Code of Conduct, a widespread set of rules that pertain to the entire community of Zyra®, whether it be a community member, management member, or a high-rank member. Failure to follow the Zyra® Code of Conduct will be dealt with accordingly.


Maturity is required when you are at our main game, training grounds or any other set of premises that belongs to Zyra®. It is vital that you represent great behavior at all times to ensure that our group is child-friendly and is able to be seen as positive for the entire community. If you are a guest at our establishment and you don’t follow this, you will be warned the game you are in. If you are a member of staff, you will be warned and then demoted if continued.

Dress Code

As a member of our community, it is important that you have clothing that is appropriate for other members to see. If you are wearing clothes that are classed as indecent, you will be dealt with appropriately by an admin. As a member of staff, you are required to wear an appropriate outfit at the appropriate group game you’re in. If you do not change your outfit as told by an admin, you will be dealt with for defiance of our Dress Code.


All Zyra® community members are expected to treat everyone with utmost respect. Every person to enter the server and/or the hotel should be able to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Any user who fails to do so will be given a consequence determined by our administration team.


Advertising is completely prohibited here at Zyra®. If you are caught advertising, it is an automatic ban with no warnings. This includes DMing someone in the Zyra® Discord server. If you want to advertise your group, you should create a ROBLOX ad.

Bypassing/Vulgar Language'

Bypassing the chat is completely banned throughout all of Roblox, not just Zyra® related games. If you are caught bypassing, it is certain you’ll be banned without warning. Zyra® is a family-friendly community. Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from using vulgar language, as it could lead to severe consequences.


At no time should you be trolling in this establishment. Trolling is completely unacceptable and prohibited here at Zyra®. You’ll be warned for it and repeated offences will result in a kick/ban.


Exploiting is absolutely not allowed here at Zyra®. If you decide to exploit, it is an automatic permanent ban. If there happens to be no HR or MR in the server when you’re exploiting, an LR or customer can simply take a screenshot or video of your acts and send it to a higher rank. Therefore, we suggest that you do not exploit.


How do I become a Trainee?

You can head down to our application centre and apply for Awaiting Training at any time via our in-game quiz. Our applications are fast and automatic!

What time are trainings?

Sessions will be hosted XX:00, if there is one! We have no specific times set in stone, so make sure to keep up with Zyra® to know when we host.

Please note that not every session will be hosted, but if one will be, it will always be at :00.

I’m at the hotel and there are a bunch of exploiters and trollers, what do I do?

If you’re at the hotel and witness a troller, you should kindly ask them to stop their actions. If they resist listening, you are to give them one warning. If they reach max warnings, that’s when you call for a MR+ through our report button in-game or the channel in our Discord. Providing screenshots or a recording of the troller is optional, however, we strongly encourage you to do so as it is helpful in handling the situation more efficiently. If you encounter an exploiter, try to provide proof and report it immediately.

More information regarding this is explained in training sessions.

How do I become a MR?

You can become an MR two ways:

Management Applications

Management Applications are a process in which anyone can apply for MR at Zyra®. These are hosted fortnightly and are open for two days. People who pass these applications will be promoted to Staff Assistant, the first MR rank.

These are always announced on our group shout and Discord Server.

Getting Noticed

Our Staffing Department regularly spectate and supervise the hotel to watch out for active, exceptional staff worthy of MR. They will talk it out with colleagues, and that individual will be promoted to an MR rank.

You must already be at least Junior Barista in order to apply or get noticed.

How do I talk with the rest of the community? Does Zyra® have a Discord?

In fact, we do have a communications server. Our communication server is located in our group description and social links!

If have an issue with a staff member, what do I do?

If you have an issue with a staff member, we encourage you to use the report button in game or file a report in the Discord.

If you have a problem with a MR+, please contact a member of our Staffing Department and they will deal with the situation accordingly.

How do I become an affiliate of Zyra®?

You can become an affiliate of Zyra® by DMing someone in the Public Relations Department with a Google Document filled with your answers to our questions (found on this handbook). Make sure that you also read our Alliance Requirements as we rarely make exceptions, and you’ll be wasting your time filling one out.


Here at Zyra®, we have true pride in having affiliations with other groups on the ROBLOX platform. Our Public Relations Department has formed these expectations below in order to exhibit the requirements and application form in order to make sure the alliance will be benifitial.

NOTE: Please note that we only consider applications in the form of a google document. Please ensure that you write your application via google docs and send it to a member in the Public Relations Department. Your application will be noted as a ‘Consideration’ once you send in an application. From there, you must wait at most 48 hours until you receive a message regarding the status of your application and whether or not it has been accepted or denied.

Correspondingly, our company has a list of requirements that outline the certain aspects that we expect from groups who are wanting to apply in order to partner with us. Here they are:

• Your group must have at least 15 non-botted, legitimate members. Exceptions are made on rare occasions after discussion with the Public Relations Department.

• Your establishment must have an active community and staff that are willing to accommodate any needs we have in a meritorious manner.

• Your company must utilize professionalism, maturity, and be respectful to our staff and community.

• The representatives of your company must be able to announce our events. Withal, your representatives must be able to communicate with our Public Relations Department very well in order to ensure there aren’t any mishaps.

• Your community must have a good reputation, we do not appreciate corruptness and/or anything along those lines, and if you do have a bad history, you must be willing to explain how you got by this and grew as a community.



  1. What is the name of your establishment along with your social links?
  2. How many members does your company currently acquire?
  3. How are you able to benefit Zyra® by being an affiliate?
  4. Why do you want to affiliate with Zyra®?
  5. Does your company have any outstanding achievements at the moment? If so, please ensure to state them.
  6. Please name two potential representatives from your establishment that we can communicate with.
  7. Do you understand that if your company disregards one of our company requirements, we will have to terminate the affiliation between us?

We truly would like to thank you for being interested in becoming one of our affiliates! If you do intend on sending in an application, please ensure you reach out to one of the members of the Public Relations Department with your application and we will discuss and decide if your company fits our requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ensure to a member of the Operations branch for more information.