“Egg Hunt” 2021 Metaverse Event Opportunity!

I agree I miss my personal favorite egg hunt 2018, because of how diverse it was and didn’t require you to hop from one game to another. The game feels more connected this way. I hope roblox does something like this again rather than the game hopping thing.


I doubt that this event will be great
Supporting devs is cool and all, but have you ever heard of thing called “players’ opinion”?
Really fun thing to look at, unless it is an another dev hunt.
Like seriously this is 3rd time in a row when you make a dev hunt.
Nobody liked Egg Hunt 2019 and Egg Hunt 2020(it is hard for me and my heart to call this even an event, I am silent about calling this an Egg Hunt), why would you do it again.
Seeing all this great event in november(RBB Season 2, Lil Nas X, RPT) made me think that Egg Hunt 2021 will be like 2017 and 2018 were, sadly no.
Problem in dev hunts isn’t that you need to learn different mechanics in different games(this is also a problem btw), problem is that most of participating games became forgoten, I mean your help doesn’t help at all.
Just make another year a usual one I joined only in 2018 so in my life I saw only one good egg hunt and I am missed it.
P.s: english isn’t my first language so sorry for some mistakes in my text


Yes, dev hunts have many problems, including the ones you described. In dev hunts it’s all about quickly learning how to play different games (often games you dislike) just for the egg, and then even if it’s a good game it will be forgotten after the hunt ends. And sometimes the games break and don’t give you the egg.


Here is your answer.

I agree to above.


There is really no reason not to, since you already provided it when you created your Roblox account.


One game per survey, but how many per user? Could I also recommend other games I’ve worked on that aren’t mine even though I’ve already applied with a game that I am the owner of?


I believe that the game can be any genre, however you have to add some sort of easter update to accommodate with the egg hunt and it’s theme.


I would Definitely love to help with Egg Hunt 2021, except I don’t have any super popular games to prove my Scripting and Building skills.

if there is any way I can tag-team with other proven Scripters or Builders I would love to help. even if it is for some small tasks.


Please, please, PLEASE let us know what the theme is this time around just in case some people want to take advantage of it. :wink:

The 2020 Egg Hunt suffered because few of the games had anything to do with the “secret agent” theme (which had a lot of potential IMO), so knowing ahead of time can really help.


Great chance for my groups game to be featured, I would love to participate in it!


Please make this egg hunt stick more to a “Theme”. Last year the theme barely existed, agents and spy stuff. Most important create a hub similar to the Ready Player Two hub where you could join the participating games right from the hub.


If there was a hub would it really be an egg hunt then?


Most likely Rthro packages, making them is one of their main focuses which is why they want them to have as much exposure as possible.


It’ll be the actual game ID. The thing that users see if they want to enter the main thing.


Rthro doesn’t mean R15. Rthro are basically the really tall/small packages that you might see on Roblox and do not accept clothing on top unlike most R15/R6 packages.


Excited for the potential opportunity to participate in the next egg hunt with my team. A really fun & time homered Roblox tradition. Can’t wait!


Universal ID of the game you are submitting.


Waiting to see what comes out of this!


I get Metaverse-Events are cool and all, but they’re really not.

2020’s event is not fun. It’s tedious, and needing a youtube tutorial to understand the mechanics for a game I’ll forget about after the event isn’t what made events fun in the first place.

I dislike the vision ROBLOX is going for this. Keep everything in one place and embrace simplicity and continue what EBR did.


Change is good for you. The community is evolving. Just let people enjoy the event.