“Egg Hunt” 2021 Metaverse Event Opportunity!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Ever heard of the Roblox Egg Hunt? This notorious, seasonal event has been cherished by our community since its inception in 2008. Each year has evolved the classic tale of finding hidden Easter Eggs inside Roblox Games: this year will be no different!

If you participate in this or future Metaverse Events, you will be given a special Metaverse Item (Catalog Item) to reward players, for a set duration of time. We want to build even more events like this so we can drive new players to your game through marketing efforts pushed across the Roblox Platform!

We’re looking for participants who:

  • Have an experience that they wish to drive new or lapsed players into.
  • Have an experience that is compatible on at least two different platforms.
  • Are strong collaborators and communicators (via Email).

Thanks for applying! You’ll hear back from us in mid-January.

That’s all the information we have for now. If you aren’t able to participate now, look forward to some exciting news this Spring on this year’s Event.

Thank you!


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Definitely excited for this one. Wish I could submit some of my own games but looking forward to what other people will submit.

However, the hodge-podge of different games seems to be a point of concern. While place-hopping can definitely drive players to new experiences, the feeling I sometimes get from playing these is something of a “one-and-done” mentality. The games/developers never really seem encouraged to provide their players with much more than just a few things to do before they get an egg and go to the next game.

The separation of experiences has been done in the last few events but I’m concerned about how the unification of all these games will play out. Regardless, an opportunity like this being extended out to developers of lesser-known games is impressive. Giving the developers a chance to make a name for themselves (even if for a few moments) is still very much welcome.


Compared to last year’s, this year’s egg hunt accepting games is ~20 days before, so I hope it doesn’t feel that rushed, which the 2020 egg hunt did.

If Roblox continues wanting to host these “-verse” type egg hunts, jumping around different games, then it’s quite crucial to make the event itself a bit more themed. Egg Hunt 2020 didn’t make sense as agents and eggs don’t really mix.

Plus, the egg hunt sort filled with 50+ games seemed like a daunting task to collect all the eggs, especially to new players. This overwhelming situation can easily be dampened if instead of a new sort this year, the Recommended Sort shows some egg-hunt themed games, while keeping the others there. This will be better than displaying solely a list of event-participating games, which may be oversaturating.

Also, is there a grand prize planed? I’m curious about the name… there can’t possibly be that many egg pun name opportunities, right? :thinking:

I’m just crossing my fingers for this one. I have faith in these types of egg hunts, they just need that perfect execution.

Good luck to any games applying!


When submitting a game, will it be checked to have certain concurrent-playing/visit requirements?


Hey there, can we get conformation on what exactly this question is asking? I’ve seen it in surveys before and have not been sure how to answer.


Does this mean R15? Scaling? What exactly does Rthro define as? Apologies for my lack of knowledge on avatar vocabulary.

Edit: People are still liking this post, an answer has been provided:


Hopefully this will allow smaller devs to get more recognition for their talents. :grinning:


Are the Scrambler and Gizmo Egg catalog items that were put in the catalog this morning related to the application of Egg Hunt 2021? As someone who’s been collecting eggs since 2010, I really hope that isn’t the case. Limiting the Gizmo Egg to be exclusive only to the devs of 2021’s hunt would be unfair to those who have been collecting for years, and do not end up getting the opportunity to work on an EH’21 game.

Gizmo Egg - Roblox

The Scrambler - Roblox


I love the fact they want to support their developers. But I cannot stand the way they’ve been doing egg hunt from 2019 and after. Personally I believe that the original style of egg hunt was so much better, and I know many agree. Disappointed honestly, I thought fifteam would be back in the action.


I think it will be either that giftcard or toy item type of thing, similar to the Egg Shield and the Egg Crown accessories. Those are my thoughts.


Hold on, do these games need to be Easter related or can they be any genre?


Can’t tell if this is a sign of Roblox being lazy again with their egg hunts needing people to submit their own games, but nonetheless, this is cool and might give some game developers the recognition they deserve!


What constitutes “new?” A month? A year?


You mean 2021?


I have to agree. Wasn’t a big fan of the 2010 egg hunt as it was pretty much stuck behind a pay will with them just dropping eggs in all games allowing non-bc users to collect a certain amount. The old style of a single game based around the Egg Hunt was the best way to support this event that has been cherished by the community for so long. EBR did a wonderful job with their rendition, why not do something similar?

I understand this is helping support developers but at the same time this shows a lack of productivity on the Roblox team themselves with what seems like them giving up on their own tradition ( not completely unlike Giftsplosion… ). Really wish we could have some genuine community events again driven by Roblox staff themselves! Nonetheless, congrats to the developers who are chosen for the event.


Apologies for the silly question but is the “Game ID” referring to the Place ID or the actual Universe ID?


Why do we have to provide our date of birth? Isn’t that personal information? (sorry if this question was already there, I am just curious.)


As it is said “Age Gate”, you cant apply to this if you are under 13


Will the metaverse item be unrelated to the Egg hunt? If so, doesn’t this mean that developers will finally be able to give out catalog prizes in games?


Hey, just here to give a bit of criticism with this formatted version of egg hunts; I do understand why Egg hunts were changed to be based around (pretty much) advertising, I really don’t think these types of hunts aren’t enjoyable for the players anymore but honestly its my own opinion. Reviews and other sources really do NOT like this format at all.

I really hope this year gets a good choice of games as last year multiple games really didn’t put in, I still think that hunts like 2015 can still be great, but having too many games with one egg only doesn’t really feel appealing to the fanbase of these egg hunts anymore.
I’m sorry, but these formatted egg hunts do not drive me to finish these events anymore. I used to be hyped up for these events but now it feels like a mundane “do this objective so we can advertise several games at once for a quick popularity boost”.

You know, honestly I’d appreciate an egg hunt that had its own unique game like 2018, but had side missions you can access at anytime to other games on ROBLOX or by finding “portals” in the main game, maybe one year we can get one like that? Why not add a new gaming category for Easter like you did with Halloween as well?

(The fact that Kreekcraft doesn’t even want to stream it now as well…)


Really Roblox just not again…
branching into other developers’ games is just the same as doing last year. I really was expecting it to be ONE SINGLE game. :sob: