“HTTP 403 Forbidden”

In summary, although https requests work and are open in Studio, but they do not working when I enter the game.
Here’s the screenshots:



in experience

I think Https is turned off when I enter the game, how do I fix this error?


Did the game publish when you turn it on? Is it the newest update?

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Yes, the error persists even though I updated (published) this game

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I was looking for other posts about it, and found this:

Discord just blocked HTTP requests from roblox
(i tried to make discord webhook so i assumed you also wanted that, but now i realized you didnt mention discord, sorry if its irrelevant).


If you’re using a webhook for Discord, it will not allow you to as Discord turned off HTTP requests about 2 weeks ago.

Thank you for helping with Discord webhooks, but I have another script called BanList and I don’t think it’s Discord, I’ll check it out but I’ll let you know if you’re right about that too

Use guilded webhooks system roblox bought it so

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Thanks for helping, I think I saw the information you gave too late.