► Smart Coast Hotels | Staff Handbook & Information

Smart Coast Hotels | Handbook & Information

► The following guide will go over all the important things & links, that are required to be known, when being employed as a staff member, within Smart Coast hotels. If you got any questions we urge you to contact a command member within Smart Coast Hotels.

Important Information Links

:link: Group Link
Smart Coast Hotels - Roblox

:link: Hotel Game Link
🏨 Work at a hotel | Smart Coast Hotels 🏨 - Roblox

:link: Training Schedule Link

:link: Alliance Handbook
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:link: Training Guide
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Admin Abuse

What is admin abuse exactly? Admin abuse is a widespread problem and a common-issue within both small and big groups within the community. The main concept with admin abuse is that a staff member, or just in general, people with admin commands, abusing their powers, such as using restricted commands and doing things they aren’t allowed to do.

Admin abuse is not tolerated in any form of way, and if a staff member, is found guilty of a report or incident that includes anything admin abuse related, serious and quick consequences, will be performed and taken immediately, until the command team, have either suspended, terminated or dropped the person of the investigation.

Some examples of Admin abuse could be the following

► Nuking the whole server.
► Shutting down the whole server.
► Teleporting to random users.
► Using the kill command against other users.

Professionalism and Maturity

At Smart Coast Hotels, we want to ensure that all our visitors and guests in general, can enjoy the community with a professional and mature staff team, that knows how to act mature, and fulfil professional acts while employed on the team. That’s why we want to ensure, that our staff team (House Keeping and up) can remain professional and show maturity.

If a staff member, is caught acting unprofessional or immature while employed within Smart Coast Hotels, an immediate investigation will be started and serious consequences can take place, and the investigation will last until a command member has either suspended, terminated or dropped the person off the investigation.

Staff Information

► Smart Coast Hotels, got more information to inform the staff members within Smart Coast Hotel about. If you got any questions we urge you to contact a command member within Smart Coast Hotels.

► Restricted Commands for staff members

► Fly
► JumpPower
► Speed
► Crash
► Lag
► Shutdown
► S, SM, M
► To (Depending on the ongoing situation (If there’s any)
► Promptpurchase
► Alert

► And anything that’s related to having an impact on the server or to be abusive to any users within the server

► The only rank that is allowed to perform any of the restricted commands is the following ranks.

► Developer
► Head Developer
► Vice Chairman
► Chairwoman
► Assistant Chairman
► Chairman

Uniform Packages & Clothing

At Smart Coast Hotels, we wish to ensure our guests the best stay as possible. We, therefore, want our staff to not only remain professional and mature, which also goes under the category of Uniform Packages & Clothing.

Any weird/unrealistic packages, are not to be tolerated, and goes in under the category of acting unprofessional, and will have an investigation started if caught of using any unrealistic packages or hats. The investigation can last as long, until a member of the command team, decides to either suspend, terminate or dropped the person off of the investigation.