🡺 How to get a players followers by userId?

i only know lua however. i wont be able to program a robot from other languages

it also wants me to download 3rd party software

This is the whole point, but you can’t access Roblox’s database from a service.

Yes, sometimes people can use HTTP service for bots, but that is just one of many things you can do with it. For example: You could have a button in-game that when you press it, it sends an HTTP request to a domain you’ve made that makes your printer print out a photo of that user’s avatar.

Yep. But it also can fetch data from Roblox.

You have to connect to a domain with HTTP service willingly, and even then, it can’t be used maliciously unless you knowingly (and stupidly) enter in your passwords into a shady website.

We’re not talking about hosting a website? HTTP service is a service, not a programming platform. It’s all in lua. It’s used to send or receive simple strings or other data values.

You dont need to learn any other languages to use HttpService. Its just a service like any other service in roblox. Most websites provide the results in JSON format which can be converted into a lua table.

so i can print hello world on a piece of paper from a ROBLOX script?

Yes, but that was a simple example.

then why does all this stuff require me to make accounts and download software?

for example akp4 suggessted RoProxy which wanted me to enter my sensitive information in there website to create an account then download there software

source: RoProxy.com - A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

i dont want to download things just to make my roblox game:

You don’t have to install anything? You just may need to use a proxy service, since Roblox may or may not allow data requests. My personal favourite one has always been Hyra.io, although I do not know if they do follower stuff.

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when i click on a link and see this

i dont know what to do. it looks like i need to download this to my pc then download a different software just to run it and then i learn its all in python

This is an example I created, also you dont need to create an account to use roproxy as far as I am aware because I dont have one.

local url = "https://friends.RoProxy.com/v1/users/1/followers/count"
local httpservice = game:GetService("HttpService")
local gettable = httpservice:GetAsync(url)
local decodedtable = httpservice:JSONDecode(gettable)

for i, v in pairs(decodedtable) do
	print(i, v)

In the url we are making a url with the userId of a player, in this case I have the number 1 which is the userId of Roblox which has aproxx 8M followers right now.
In the second line we are just referring to the game’s service, while on the thrid like we are getting the url. In simple terms what the third line is doing is just copying the url that we give it and copy pastes it into the search bar and brings us back the result. On the fourth line because most websites return the values in JSON we need to decode it into a normal lua table which we are then accessing from a loop.

no offense but tf am i looking at

is it down? that means its not reliable

okay so how do i get a players followers by userid with this

The v value is the player’s follower count.

will it still work even if its not the local players follower count

also where do i put the userId to get the info

You need to create variable for local player’s userId and just put that in the URL. Also here is an video explaining HTTP Service:

im not seeing a part that i would replace in the url. there isnt a userid in the url

edit: this is also a followers count. i need the name of every indivual follower

In the above place where it wars Request URL, just before the word followers you can see a number which is the userId, which in this case is 1 for ROBLOX. And the response that we get is below that which you can use.

okay but how do i get the name of every indiviual player and not just a number count. they already have built in functions for the count i just need every individual players name for my game

I dont think you can do that, and if you can I dont know how to.

This might help you out here:

there is a website posted by roblox with a system that does that however the website is shitty

this is exactly what i want. just a table off all the names of the followers. iv seen other games do this as well i just dont know what roblox was smoking when they made this as a resource for devs