1 Day Roblox Game Challenge!

Today, I decided why not do a 1 day game challenge, as I wasn’t completely sure if I was actually able to make a game in this unthinkable amount of time, and I ended up with a ‘Flood Escape’ kind of game, it has 3 maps (expandable), a nice lobby, win counter (doesn’t save because i’m stupid and can’t use datastores)

Game Link:


The lava rises right as the map starts.

Make 5 seconds between the player spawning into the map and the lava starting to rise.

In no way can you expect people to survive this. Lower the speed of rising.



Overall, the game is pretty good, as you made it in just 1 day. Although, the only problem I encountered while playing is that the lava rises too fast. I didn’t notice any other bugs, nice job!


really good for 1 day
only prob as other people said lava rises really quick need some time at the start but overall amazing for a day. Well Done!


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve made it wait 5 seconds between the player spawning and the lava rising, I also slowed the lava down :]

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Thanks, I’ve slowed down the Lava

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For only 1 day thats very good, imagine if it was 1 week?

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Hehe, Let’s see what it becomes


I managed to get the wins datastores working, meaning I now know how to save data. I’m planning to add a shop!

I did some retexturing of my avatar to make it red


There should be some sort of intermission GUI that tells you how long until the next round. Currently, there is no way to know how long there is until the next round. If you want to get really advanced, you could add an AFK system.

With that, whether it’s just me being bad at obbies or not, I was struggling greatly on the desert palm tree map. In my opinion, the average player won’t be able to jump from the tree onto the balls. Regardless, nice job!

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The idea of an AFK button and an intermission GUI was in our plans, although as you have pointed them out I will move their priority up.

Yes, the maps are quite hard, and we plan to make some easier ones in the future. (We’re going to remake the sand map, and delete the grassy one and the lab one)

(I finished them now)