3 Day Roblox Game Challenge

Hello dev forum, this is my first topic so I hope I have done this correctly.

I recently saw a post by user: ArvidSilverlock where he / she created a flood escape - type game in 1 day.
I tried this challenge too. At the time of posting this I have worked on this game for 3 days. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

My Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/5869848600/Water-Rise-HALLOWEEN

Original post: 1 Day Roblox Game Challenge!


This is a great game, I’ve see this idea made in other games before but this one was does really good!
Gave it a like!


Thank you for the support bro, much appreciated :heart: :smiley:

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It’s pretty nice for what it is! Great job!

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thank you so much :heart: :smiley:

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I would make a few suggestions, such as making the maps easier or simpler to understand what to do. On the volcano map, there’s a moving part which was quite frustrating as I would have to walk with the part, also, with the haunted house map, I wasn’t really sure whether I could touch the ghosts or not, or where I was supposed to go. But all in all, a good game :smiley:

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I love the game, but the music doesn’t fit with the levels.


Pretty good for 3 days, the only thing I really noticed is that the audio doesn’t really fit, and sometimes 2 audios would be playing at once (I think)

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yeah this is a very good game, but I think on the moving blocks you should try to make it so you it takes you with it because its kinda hard to jump and jump with it moving

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ok I will take these points into consideration and thanks for the support! :smiley: :heart:

Alot of the music on the levels were just temporary while I test so I will be changing them :slight_smile:

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I have noticed glitches with the audio I am working on fixing it currently, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

okay I will change the platforms soon as alot of people have requested and thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

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