(1 role left!) 1k-2k robux for a simple script for my Halloween decorations

So I’ve been getting modelers and builders to build stuff for me on Halloween and I was wondering if anyone could script a basic script where a hand Is in a wall then comes out of the wall then goes back in and stays for awhile then comes back out. I would pay 1k robux for this script if anybody wanted to do it.


Are you wanting a scripter or a builder because most do not specialize in both fields?

Well someone that can make hand with building and script it to go back and forth and probably building and very basic scripting for the rest

I could do the scripting with some extra little features but I am no good at building.

ok so you could script a hand coming out of a wall?

This sounds really fun!

Check out my Halloween exclusive portfolio, and please DM me here.

If @aven_ue could script the parts, I can make them!

Im intrested in this here are some examples of my models.

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I have more but I don’t want to put them here contact me on discord at SatouTanaka#0007 if your interested.

I leave you my site below : https://marianznf99.wixsite.com/buildermax and discord Mmaxi#4587
give me a request and a message if you want me to work for you .

I will check on all these later but this look pretty good if more people want to try just say so.

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Hi, I’m interested in being the Halloween designer. I’m very good. You have discord to contact me.

Hey bro I don’t have discord could ya message me here? Only 1 job is left so be quick

ok I promise you that you are going to hire me I am very good at making Halloween designs I promise you that you will have the best the game if you want I show you a game that I am developing is this try it with me it has several map the game and I want to show you the Halloween map the game is this: 🔫 Flox night [BETA] - Roblox

I couldn’t join it and could u script a hand coming out of a wall?

Hello. I’m interested into doing this, I believe this could be done and I’d like to further talk to you on discord.


Hey sorry bro only 1 role is left and that’s to script a hand coming from a wall then coming back in if u can do that then yeah sure but if not sorry

could you do this task for this amount of robux? read the new edited post (up)

I’m available right now, contact: Bobo#1478 .