[$1,000 USD + 35%] Hiring Programmer for Survival PVP game

I am looking to find a programmer who can join with me to finish up my game, The Hunt, a survival pvp-based game.

**Note: Upon receiving this job you are required to fill out a contract. If you are a minor you will be required to have a parent or legal guardian sign on your behalf.**

The Team PNG

@TedArthur - Game Design, UI Design, 3D Modeler, Project Leader

We also have many other contractors who are on this game such as:
@Sir_Trolling - 3D Modeler
@UnSubTo_BreakRoom - 3D Modeler
@cSapphire - Clothing Artist
@martxn - UI FX, VFX Artist
@The_Humaniac - Weapon Animator

and many more!

Progress PNG
You can visit these Twitter Links below to see some peaks at what we’ve been working on and have shared on Social Media:

Twitter Links


Map Shots

About Job PNG
I am looking for a scripter who can program my game. The game as of right now is entirely finished, and it just needs to be programmed. Every single asset has already been created, from icons, to ui, to the map, to animations, etc.


  • Able to work full-time
  • Fluent in English
  • Passion for game development and creating games
  • Experience with creating games on the Roblox platform

Payment PNG
I am willing to pay $1,000 USD via PayPal for the game to be programmed fully, as well as adding on a share of the game’s revenue of 35%.

Contact PNG
You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/realteddavis



Well for the programmer position I have to recommend @Retr0Thief, @Stratiz, Kensizo or @metryy.


Im interested in the position, Id like to discuss it further over Discord though if possible. Stratiz#7821

@DaffyDavinko Thanks for the recommendation!


Hello can you give idea of what will be scripted?

I am interested, my discord is Drac#5808

I’d be interested.
I do have a full time job but with Covid-19 I’ve had a lot of free time. Depending on how much work is needed I’m available.
If you could let me know what exactly needs to be scripted, Kena0298#3648

I’d like to know more about this position being offered. You can see my experience and contacts here:

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Hi, I know your post is about a programmer but I see you have a game I do game trailers I can make you one for a cheap pricing.

Sent you a pm, very interested!