[PORTFOLIO] About me, Marfit


Where did I start?

I started programming on Roblox in 2014. However, my knowledge and skill was nowhere near what one would call a programmer until about a three years ago. I simply learned by trial and error, figuring out what worked and what didn’t, and working with other friends as they learned.

What can I do?

While I specialize in programming work, I have a variety of skills, including building, meshing, UI Design, game design, and logo design.

Ich kann auch Deutsch übersetzen.

What have I worked on?

I’ve worked on a number of projects. Here’s a list.

I’ve removed older work for the purposes of keeping important examples front and center.
There are also some basic showcases of technology I have, here’s a list:

rust tech - Roblox - Technology for After the Flash: Rust
marfit's Place Number: 113 - Roblox - Mostly completed version of a mining game I was hired to work on.

Payment and Contact

I can be contacted via marf#8994, https://twitter.com/Marfit, and of course, on my Roblox profile through messages.

I will do hourly and per asset pay. I will accept Robux. Other forms of payment on contact.


It would help a lot if you showed your past and present work in screenshots. This is one of the main aspects that makes a portfolio interesting and informative.


Maybe also link the games instead of just putting their names, so people can check them out directly ^^

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Sent you a friend request. If you’re looking for a long-term project you may be interested.

Can you please accept my friend request on disc! Mutual!#6362

Rest in peace mate you will be missed :heart:.