[1,000$ USD] Hiring Developers for my up and coming SCPF

SCPF l|l Special Containment Procedures Foundation

About Us

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name. Within the website’s fictional setting, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCP’s)

Information about our group:
We have a SCPF Group that has a little over 100 members and 2 developers with 3+ years of experience. The group is just restarting and we are looking to jump off our feet with lots of ads and sponsors upon games release. Lots of investing is going into this group and all developers are welcome.

You can see our group here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4755211/SCPF-l-l-Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation#!/about

About The Job

Hello my name I am S_attack I am orchestrating a up and coming SCPF Group and Game(s). We are making a Role Play Site, A Main Facility, and an Application Center. We are looking for all types of developers which includes but is not limited too. Builders, Scripters, Logo Designers, GFX Artist, 3D Modelers, UI Designers, Game Icon Designers, and Much more! We are trying to become the number 1 SCPF with the best community for everyones enjoyment.

Developer Expectations:

  • Have 1-2 Years of Developing Experience

  • When you contact me send your past work/portfolio right away

  • Meet Due dates on time no excuses

More Information:

I expect highly of any individual who joins our Development Team. Not meeting these expectations will result in removal from the Team and future payments.
I am looking for leaders and indivusals who can help lead a development team and knows how to get things done. Anyone

Current Developers:

@TheCreeperKeeper1 - Lead Developer

Payment is negotiable, budget is around 100kR$ but I HIGHLY Prefer to payout through USD. We are looking to invest around 500$ USD into Building and 500$ USD into Scripting. 1,000$ USD is our budget.


Contact me on Discord Saxon#1000 or email terminal.scpf@gmail.com
discord is preferred method


Hi if you need a GFX designer or thumbnails contact me on discord

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yo i’m interessed i’m a builder/3d modeler

Interested to fill the gfx artist position , Feeling good to work with you soon , Contact me on discord : Ay-Men#7917 , Only asking for the possibility of paying by robux … group funds …

I am a scripter. I’m interested. Sent you a friend request, caleb#2647.

SCPF are a quite high demanded games

Hey, i was wondering if you needed a low poly 3D modeler. Here’s my work if you are : https://devforum.roblox.com/t/feedback-my-low-poly-models/566037

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Hey I am still looking for a 3D Modeler, what is your discord?

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Music composer! Did not see it on the list but always gotta ask.

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Add me on discoed have been looking for one!

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I’m interested in working as a UI designer, you can find every details about me in my portofolio. Added you on discord too.

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Have you ever hired developers before?

I’m curious on whether you actually have 1000 USD to spend.

If you are not interested please don’t respond.

There is no need to be blunt with me.
I was asking a civil question if you don’t want to show me mutual respect then I suggest you get of the devforum.

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If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have posted, I just don’t appreciate people who go asking questions that are not related. So was your question civilized yes, but was it unnecessary, yes.

It’s entirely related.
I was interested in your job offer and I was pondering on whether you actually have that money to spend on your clients. It’s being sceptical that’s all.

There is no disrespect being displayed.

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That is fair however I have posted several recruitments before were people are plain rude, I would have liked to know that you were interested instead of just asking questions I could perceive as pointless.

Your previous altercations are unnecessary. If you want to accuse me of asking unrelated questions then then well my friend; their is a display of hypocrisy being showed from your end.

My questions are not pointless as in fact it’s asking on whether you have any evidence to back up your capital as 1000$ is a significant amount .

I was interested in your offer but seeing as you are stubborn to not answer my question I think I’ll give it a miss.


(30 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs)

I answered you question,

If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have posted, I just don’t appreciate people who go asking questions that are not related. So was your question civilized yes, but was it unnecessary, yes.