[100K+] Bloxwood Waterpark is Hiring Developers!

Hiring Low-Poly Modelers & Builders

About Us

Bloxwood Waterpark is an upcoming roleplay oriented waterpark owned by Sethifyed.

The Team
@Sethifyed - President
@Chlorphi - Vice President
@couldbeyou - Builder/Modeler
@couldbeyou - Builder/Modeler

About The Job

We are looking for builders and modelers who have 1+ year of experience and are knowledgeable in an external modeling program such as Blender or Cinema 4D. It is preferred that our builders are ALSO modelers but otherwise may be accepted if depending on the quality of your work.

Example of our style:


We expect the build and modeling for training facility and interview center to be at least 90% complete by November. The deadline for everything is at the end of December.


Each developer will be paid 100,000 Robux for this. Payment will not be given until after the build & modeling is complete and in our group to prevent scamming. We are willing to sign a contract guaranteeing payment.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us via the comments or with our preferred method, Discord (Sethifyed#2804).
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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The game you linked does not exist.

I meant to delete the link, apologies.

hi, I am interested, my discord is rene artois#7203 and my portfolio is About me: Builder For Hire (Making a new map soon). I am also making maps for the popular game Arsenal.

Does Bloxwood Waterpark also seeking for programmers?

Hey, I am very interested!

I sent you a friend request on discord. :slight_smile:


Not at the moment but we will be shortly!

Need a GFX Artist? If so, message me via Discord! tal#2380.

Look forward to working with you,


Alrighty! Let me know if you are ready to hire programmers!


Are you looking for any other positions like a Graphic Designer, i.e?

Not right now, so sorry to disappoint!

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We unfortunately aren’t hiring graphic designers right now! Thank you for your interest though.

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Hi, builder here! I am interested!

Are you possibly in need of UIs or Graphics?
If so, I have sent a friend request via discord.


Hi there! I’m a 3D Modeler with 2+ years of experience with Blender and Roblox Studios, I’m extremely interested in this position and I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Looking forward to hearing from you, Myth#7974

Hello! I am interested in the job. I can 3D model a variety of things for building. Portfolio: |Ninja Queso Dev Portfolio| (Not Finished) Disc: NinjaQueso#5108
(I friended you)

I’m interested! My current projects can be found on my profile but I’m still building my portfolio a bit

Discord: Ethereal#4689

Greetings! Sincerest apologies for not yet responding to all these comments but @sethfiyed has informed me that this project has been cancelled.