100k Game Launch Monetization Input

Hello, I’m Sinox. I’m planning on using 100k to launch a new simulator I’m coming out with, and using another 400k for days after. Anyways, with this 100k for launch day, I was planning on running 2 ads, and sponsors. How much of the 100k should I put onto each ad and sponsor?


Putting large amounts of robux into an ad/sponsor at one time is very risky.

I would suggest doing 5,000 Robux on each for a few days, since sponsors last for 24 hours.


I understand the risks, we have had advanced testing sessions for the game and everything. We just kinda need to figure out how much we put on each using 100k.

I would have to agree that R$5,000 is reasonable to put on each ad/sponsor for your launch. Hope everything goes well with your new game!


Again, I understand that, but that’s not the question I’m trying to ask.

If you would like to use the entirety of the 100k on the 2 ads and sponsors, I would add up the amount of sponsors you wish to run alongside the 2 ads and then divide the 100k by the total ads/sponsors. I believe this would create a balanced method of fund distribution.

Sponsors are more effective than game ads at getting players at your game due to the fact they have a higher visibility. I’d suggest majority of your robux into Sponsorship and whatever remains of the 100,000 robux into your ads. Hope this helps.

If you are going to go through with the 100k ads on launch day, will this be on a weekend? As that is the best time to advertise/sponsor due to more people online.

May you show us a picture of the ad?(The banner)

I would recommend putting 60k on advertisements and 40k on sponsors because a lot of times, advertisements have been proven to do better than sponsors.

If you’re wondering what platform you should sponsor or advertise on, I would recommend putting a lot of them into tablet and mobile users. I saw this post about how much some guy put the same amount of robux into each of the platforms(PC,console,tablet,mobile) and mobile and tablet CTR were the highest!

The reason I think this is happening is because(I mentioned this in the post I made on that topic) having a tablet or phone around you is more accessible and you can play anytime. Whereas, on a PC, you can only play at home or wherever you have an access to a computer. Based on the results shown by that guy, it is (kinda) proven that mobile and tablet users will have more CTR or impressions.

Link to the topic if you want to find out more: Click this

Run a small but equal amount on all of them. See which one gets you the best value for that same investment. That’s the one you want to then focus the rest of the funds onto.

Nobody here on the forum is able to tell you with any certainty which will be best for your specific game as there are so many factors including the design of the ads, which audience they appeal to, whether that is the correct audience for the game, is the name of your game appealing if I saw it in a sponsor with the icon, etc.

The only way you’ll have any knowledge on what will do well is to test with a smaller amount, probably the 5k suggested, and then you can tweak the graphics of ones that don’t work so well, and you can pour the rest of your money into the ones that work best for your specific game.


I recommend spending R$5,000 in advertisements and R$5,000 in sponsor. The one that gets more clicks, you should invest more in it. Also spending 100k in a day isn’t the best way to use your robux; I think spending 25k - 30k each day is a reasonable amount, so advertisements/sponsorship will be on the web for a longer time. Hope this helped.

I see how your asking (DevForum members) of what (YOU) should do. It seems you already wanna sponsor but when we do what you asked you complain.

I agree with the general census, putting 100k on one day won’t work the way you’ll expect it to.

Get as much good ads as you can and run a bit on them. I used to be about 1k or so in 2016 but it’ll no doubt be more than that.

After a day or few of running those ads. Pick the most effective ads and increase their bid.

Sponsors work best for mobile players but it can also get a decent number of desktop players.