"13 years or older to apply" in recruitment posts

Hey all, just a quick question. In almost all recruitment posts they end with “you must be 13 years or older to apply” but isn’t that kind of redundant since the minimum age requirement is 13 anyways? Is there another reason for it being included?


Sometimes these posts get shared in groups, social media, etc. A lot of visitors can see the post even if they’re not signed up to the forums.


As @aelzc said, it can be shared on other medias, so people without accounts sometimes see. People also sometimes lie about their age when making accounts. The people creating the posts would like to hire reasonably responsible people, so they make sure they are over 13.

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Actually, most states (US) and the federal government have strict guidelines on employment of minors for jobs. Most of what I’ve read indicates 14+ is actually the more universally accepted. However, Roblox is a weird medium in which we do online contract work and so it’s tough to know. Technically, if you’re under 14 you can’t work more than 40 hours or 7 hours a day on a contractual job. It’s impossible to fully monitor this though, but I never make those I hired under 18 work more than 7 hours straight in a day or work more than 40 hours a week. Just to follow the law and acknowledge that at such a young age, kids need to be involved in more than just online development.


You don’t have to log in to see these posts, so it’s easy for 13- to see them. That’s probably why they put it down. I doubt they really have the legal requirements in mind when adding those lines to their posts.


As @buildthomas said, I doubt they’re putting 13+ for legal reasons, I was just elaborating on the legality of minor employment as a topic to be aware of. Furthermore, most studios just prefer the maturity and experience that comes with those who are older developers!

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