2 Free Buildings for Everyone!

Hiya! I created two buildings you can all use! It is a dollar store and a Hot Dog shop! I would gladly give it to you guys as a thank you.

Here are the links

Have a Nice day and tell me what you use it for!


P.s make sure to check out my portfolio if you like my builds and want to buy some from me [Opened] Building and Korean translations


Thank you for creating things for us!

Good job the the building!

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Hiya I am glad you like it. If you are interested in commissioning me, my portfolio is here [Opened] Building and Korean translations

Ok thanks!

Keep up the good builds!

Are you able to make custom models like those for free? If so, Please add my discord, NexiumX#1647

Unfortunately I can’t but I will do it for 500-1000 robux!