[Opened] Building and Korean translations

Hi there! My name is Rose and I am offering my services as a builder and a translator . I specialize in level design, exterior building, and translations. I have been building for 2 years on Roblox and been speaking Korean for 14 years. and have previously worked on titles such as Pirates of the Dead Seas I am EST. I am usually available 2-4 hours but you can contact me 9am-11pm EST if you got questions and concerns.

You can view my showcase here https://www.roblox.com/games/5375047823/Small-desert-city-showcase

Here are some screenshots of my personal work.

Builds that we’re commissioned.

Sadly none yet :frowning:

Korean Translations Example

Welcome to name Cafe!// 이름 μΉ΄νŽ˜μ— μ˜€μ‹  것을 ν™˜μ˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€

Training will begin soon.//곧 ꡐ윑이 μ‹œμž‘λ©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

Please note I cannot translate the exact words you ask for

games I translated for

For now, a Pirates of the Dead Seas.

I take per assets and hourly payment. I sadly do not take percentage.I require a 20-40% down payment. I am doing subscriptions. 13k Robux for a permanent subscription which I can build 6 buildings a week or 1 free map. I can cancel it any time.

Some ways to contact me are

  • Here on Developer forum
  • Discord Rxse#1535
  • Twitter qhero14

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I feel it would look better if the background of all the pictures were the same as currently, they look weird together.

I am sorry about that. I am not the best at photo editing. If you consider me tho then you can dm on discord for prices and what you need!

Currently doing 1 commission! I can fit one more.

Added subscriptions! Maybe buy some?

Under most circumstances the quoted sentence will be used in a Military or an Entertainment Employment such as Hotel, Cafe… etc.

In this case the Training could be better translated into β€œν›ˆλ ¨β€

Have a nice day!

Hiya thank you for the clarification.

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I am open for commisions! Hope you consider me!