2 Step Verification bar nonreactive on Mobile

2 Step Verification Bar is unresponsive on Mobile Devices.

This bug occurs when trying to log in on A mobile device:
When 2 Step Verification is enabled when logging in on mobile an email is sent however,
The “Search Bar” where this code is entered is unresponsive when tapped. The bug shows the line that usually would indicate you could type but does not let you.
Although this happens, this area of the screen is responsive everywhere else on my phone (Samsung J3)
This glitch has happened for A few weeks and started when I enabled 2 step verification.
According to friends this only appears to occur on mobile(Not tablet or PC)

Steps to reproduce the issue (be minimal, specific, consistent!)

To reproduce this bug:

  1. Enable 2 Step Verification
  2. Attempt to log in to Roblox on A Mobile Phone device. (I used Samsung J3)
    3.Once the email is received try to tap the bar where the code is entered.
  3. You should see that this does not let you type in the bar.

I have attempted to log in every time and this always reproduced the bug. On different systems I am not sure of the accuracy.

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