2 Step Verification Doesnt Work

Reproduction Steps
Try logging into an account with 2 step enabled

Expected Behavior
I expect to receive a verification code

Actual Behavior
No verification code is sent until you hit “resend”

At which point a new code isnt sent, it just sends the first code.

The first code doesn’t work now though, because resend should’ve sent a NEW code

None, just can’t access my account

Issue Area: Xbox
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-12-25 00:12:00 (-05:00)


What 2FA ‘standard’ are you using?
Email, Authenticator App?

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Try these:

1.Resend the code then wait a long time until you receive the resended code.

  1. Try logging in with a PC or Laptop. I feel that your problem is from your device.

  2. (If you are still logged in) disable the 2 STEP VERIFICATION

  3. Contact Roblox support, and tell them to disable 2 Step Verification

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Try to use G-Mail from google, is faster than any other e-mail app.

My account is setup to use the Authenticator App, however it sent me emails anyways.

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I am, it’s not a matter of speed, the first email just isn’t sent until you hit “Resend” and the second email with the new code is never sent because if you hit resend again it’ll say “an unexpected error occurred try again later”

I think you should disable 2FA with authenticator app temporally to log in using Xbox.

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It works fine for me. With authenticator 2SV set up along with email 2SV, logging out and logging in, clicking “Use another verification method” when prompted to enter an authentication code, and then selecting “Email” leads to an email appearing in my gmail inbox in just over a second.


Hey folks, apologies for the late response. 2FA not working on Xbox was a known limitation.

You can use Cross Device Login instead to log in securely on Xbox, without any need to disable account security features. Please review this post: Allow us to sign into the Xbox app with the "Authenticator" 2FA option enabled - #2 by SolarCrane

Closing this thread out as this is a known limitation and not a bug.