20 Feb | Crisis Play: Kurt City | Paid Alpha Updates

Crisis Play: Kurt City | 20 Feb

Hello Everyone!

The last update for Crisis Play: Kurt City has ended before we reach paid alpha! Please read below for a summary of today’s update!

  • Relocation of the Shopping Outlet

Today’s relocation of the shopping outlet will allow us to include another outlet for further role-play. We have expanded the carpark. The new location of the shopping outlet is next to the parking garage.

  • Increased Land-Size or Port Centre

Today’s increase will allow more cars in the server to park. Enables players for further role-play, either at the beach or the sea. They can have a larger range of role-play and allows criminals to move faster.

  • Minor Map Expansion

The minor map expansion allows players to have a wider range of role-plays. The size of the expanded map allows more role-play activities to happen and wider range of newer facilities like the hospital and taxi services buildings.

  • Improved internal radio channels!

The improved radio communications UI will allow players to have an easier time accessing the page. Moreover, the new communications UI allows a wider range of role-play, which improves user experience of the server.

  • Road Names has been added!

New road names like Fabor Lane, Siloso Rd and many more has been added across the map. You would be able to find them near places like traffic lights or streetlamps!

  • Lastly, removal of Phase 1 Players has started!

We will be removing Phase 1 Players from the 20 Feb 2022, 2AM. Please test out the new updates before we start removals.

Bugs & Improvements Updates

  • Bug that crashes Datastore is being fixed.
  • Data for Vehicles are now saved correctly.
  • Updated Internal Systems and Backends.
  • More UIs updated.
  • UI fonts updated to improve user experience.
  • Notifications Improvements.
  • and other Minor Bugs Fixes

Thanks to these people for making this update happen! Make sure to check out the game here!

@IsaacYePlaysRoblox (Lead Developer)

@ValiantWind (Senior Developer)

@Kaid3n22 (Senior Developer)

@SingaporeSteadyLah (Developer)

@Zadakianu28 (Developer)

@sniper74will (Developer)

@/july2010_01 (Junior Developer)

@ForgetableLife (Moderator)