5 Mar | Crisis Play: Kurt City | Updates

Crisis Play: Kurt City | 5 Mar

Hello Everyone!

Good Morning! If you are just joining us for today, this is a summary of the previous update! Please read below for a summary of today’s update!

  • Relocation of the Gun Store!

Today’s relocation of the gun store allows players to have a greater and better user experience for all users. This relocation can help the game to have greater area sizes for the game!

  • Police Standby Area!

Today’s largest improvement of role-play is due to the Police Standby Area found at the Port Centre. This improvement allows Police Officers to turn on Standby Mode on their MDTs! Civilians who park there may get wanted or have their cars removed!

  • Petrol Station Changes

The minor petrol station change has been updated to prevent fast driving in them. Players now will have easier access to Petrol Stations around the map.

  • Improved Gun Shop User Interface!

The improved Gun Shop UI allows users to have a better user experience and have easier access to all kinds of User Interface found in the game!

  • Lastly, removal of Phase 3 Players has started!

We will be removing Phase 3 Players from the 5 Mar 2022, 10AM EST. Please test out the new updates before we start removals.

Bugs & Improvements Updates

  • Bug that crashes Datastore is being fixed.
  • Terrain Issues have been fixed
  • Police Vehicles spawn issues have been fixed
  • Improved datastore systems
  • Improved backends and internal issues
  • Fixed gamepasses issues
  • and other Minor Bugs Fixes

Thanks to these people for making this update happen! Make sure to check out the game here!

@IsaacYePlaysRoblox (Lead Developer)

@ValiantWind (Senior Developer)

@Kaid3n22 (Senior Developer)

@SingaporeSteadyLah (Developer)

@Zadakianu28 (Developer)

@sniper74will (Developer)

@/july2010_01 (Junior Developer)

@ForgetableLife (Moderator)

@ScenicRose (Contributor)