20 second freeze on join, what do these microprofiler results mean?

Sometimes when I join my game, it freezes for ~20 seconds. Other times, this doesn’t happen, and the game loads almost instantly. I have not found a way to reliably reproduce the problem. My game uses StreamingEnabled with the default settings so it should not be an issue of the world being too large.

I checked the microprofiler. The freeze is happening before any of my client side Lua has a chance to be executed, so the freeze cannot be caused by any client-side Lua.


The tasks that it freezes on are “Replicator ProcessPackets” and “Worker::runJob.” What do these mean, and what direction should this point me in identifying the source of the lag?



If the lag isn’t happening constantly every time you join up a game, then maybe it’s your computer? Sometimes a computer can act up but sometimes it can be fine.

Unfortunately, this same intermittent lag issue is being experienced by players and the other developer working on the game.

Have you got a bunch of unanchored, ‘CanCollide on’ parts somewhere? Could be contributing to it, especially if there a bunch


I’ve got 11. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

Edit: Which I’ve just realized is probably not even map parts, it’s my character parts.

This hang on join is a known issue that is under investigation.


This issue has been fixed in the latest client release.

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Hopefully this is related to some server-scripts not firing PlayerAdded due to this issue. (Now that it’s fixed.)