(200K) Hiring scripter to Re-scripting

Hello there! We are Crossed Inc., an upcoming game development team. We are seeking scripters to rewrite all the script of the game, Gladiator Simulator, into module code.

Our Team

@Thecaster230 - 3D modeler
@AimCrossed - Builder
@NicholasCrossed - Builder

UPDATE-Gladiator-Simulator ](Gladiator Simulator - Roblox 12)

About The Job:

We are looking for a professional scripter to join our team. Their responsibilities would include a one-time job of re-scripting all of the system and fixing bugs through to an upcoming update.

The scripter will be asked for progress updates often and have 1 week to complete the work.


We are offering 200,000 robux as payment with our preferred payment method being in Robux. A contract will be available to be signed that will guarantee payment for assets created.

Contact Us:

We can be contacted here on the Developer Forum or on Discord. User: Thecaster230#1494
Applicants must be at least 13 years old to apply.

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, @Thecaster230 I checked your game looks awesome but I am a programmer so if you need me please contact me in the Developer Forum or on discord: BanLloKei#1784 so give me a text and we can talk hope to hear from you and if you need my portfolio here iBandit37's Portfolio! ;)

Have a great rest of your day!


My friend is an experienced scripter. He isn’t in the forums yet unfortunately. But if you could friend me instead I could make a GC with you and him my tag is Idiofy3D#4335

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I’m interested in the job. I do audits and rewrite code for a living outside of roblox so I think it’d be a good fit.

My Discord is TheAlchemist#2121


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Hello @Thecaster230,

I’m highly interested in this job offer.
Here is my portfolio:

My discord is: DeveloMeow#1465

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I would be interested in this job offer, for sure.

I’ve got 10+ years of experience on roblox, here’s my portfolio :slight_smile:

My discord is shroomingbla#6728

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Already got someone?
if you dont, im interested

Portifolio: Gutoggg's Portifolio

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