2018 Halloween Event Opportunities


Hey Developers,

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Halloween Event is going to be even better and larger than any of our previous years! We intend to host a massive Trick or Treat Hunt spanning across a total of 10 games with support on all platforms, as well as a lobby connecting them all together!

This will allows us to provide developers with multiple opportunities.

We have a total of ten opportunities available (all of which are remote work only), split into three categories:

OPPORTUNITY 1 (7 available): Trick or Treat House (Unpaid):

Be one of the seven games that are featured on the Hunt


Trick or Treat House - https://survey.roblox.com/s3/2018-Halloween-Event-Opportunity-House


  • Updating your game with a Halloween theme and including decorations.


  • Huge publicity and traffic.
  • Your game will be linked to a virtual prize awarded to players who join.

OPPORTUNITY 2 (3 available): Trick or Treat House & Mission (Paid):

Be one of the three games that are featured on the Hunt that have an exclusive mission


Trick or Treat House & Mission - https://survey.roblox.com/s3/2018-Halloween-Event-Opportunity-House-Mission


  • Updating your game with a Halloween theme, including decorations and map changes.
  • Working with DevRel to implement a new mission or quest that works with your existing game’s design choices.


  • Huge publicity and traffic.
  • The chance to work with Roblox employees.
  • Your game will be linked to a virtual prize awarded to players who join.
  • Earn the exclusive White Banded Red Top Hat for working on an event!

OPPORTUNITY 3 (1 available): Building the Lobby (Paid):

Be the team that creates the hub to connect all the Halloween Trick or Treat Houses


Building the Lobby - https://survey.roblox.com/s3/2018-Halloween-Event-Opportunity


  • Concept and pitch your design for the Halloween Lobby.
  • Team requires both a dedicated builder and a scripter.
  • Hours and schedule based development.


  • Social promotions for your own games and the ability to work with the social team throughout the project.
  • All in-game revenue is yours to keep and exchange for USD through DevEx.
  • Real life AAA studio and professional experience, working alongside a manager to meet your goals.
  • Including paid contract based work with the Roblox Corporation in your Portfolio.
  • Huge opportunity for a producer reference for your career (College/University/Jobs).
  • Earn the exclusive White Banded Red Top Hat for working on an event!


Registration Deadline is February 18th, 2018.

Developer Relations Team

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As always… Good luck to everyone applying!


Ooo I hope there’s space for artists or something…


You should apply!


Oh my… the possibilities…
not sure though…


2 questions for the 3rd opportunity (building lobby)

how many teammates are we allowed to have?
can we send in multiple applications w/ seperate teams?


I’d love to submit my fighting RPG game to the 2nd opportunity, but it is currently not out yet and will only be out for paid access on around February 20th. Can I still apply as I think my game would be a great candidate?


… Not interested. By the looks of this I’d say you’re getting rid of hallows eve… I probably won’t even play if that is not going to be around. The Halloween event is becoming less and less each year and I’m quite disgusted over it.


Hallow’s Eve is nothing more than a name, though. It has no bearing on the quality or gameplay of the event.


Great to see more developers have a chance to be included this year! I’ve always felt that these events should allow new and less popular devs to get a chance in the spotlight to gather an audience of their own. Hopefully more large and more inclusive events like this are to come!


Just wondering,

For opportunity 3, it states:

When you mention this, what do you think the hours/times will be and how will they made? (Will they compliment with the builders schedule in there life, such as them having school, etc)


Note: I plan on possibly applying, but one of my friends who is a scripter is concerned about how times will go, so just making sure on this.


Can’t wait to see where this event goes! :grinning:


Just applied with a game that is early in development, hopefully that is not a problem as the event is quite far away!


Max that can be included to the application is a team of 15 but if you hit the cap feel free to submit the full list of developer usernames in your team on the last set of questions where it asks for percentages.


Looks fun to do, good luck to everyone applying! :+1:


Good luck to everyone applying! This sure will be an interesting event!


is there any plans to feature the games this year?
when I did it last year it was a nice boost in traffic but my game never got more than a thousand or so people, I saw the other games didn’t get much more traffic either

like, throw the games in the featured sort and have a banner at the top like when they run twitch streams
or maybe a custom game sort above the “popular” sort that shows all the event games that are running

most of the time I don’t even notice there’s an event up until several days to a week later
the little icon in the bottom left on the website has barely any visibility


I’m disgusted because they have been slowly getting rid of it after 2014. That used to be my favorite event. Now knowing I’ll never be able to apply for the Hallows eve team is disappointing. I would of loved to develop that game.