2019 Accelerator / Incubator Spring Application


Just applied a few hours ago, super excited!


Is it possible to start the program in September?


I think not, it’s either January-May/June and May/June-August/September.


The Accelerator program usually runs in Winter/ Spring/Summer /Fall . You would need to wait for the Fall applications to open and then you can start in September.

@Nightgaladeld can double check if there are still 4 groups per year.


Really there are 4 other ones? That’s crazy.


Currently it is just planned for Spring and Summer for 2019.
Spring - start date in January / February
Summer - start date in May / June


Bummer that Canadian applicants need to be attending post secondary education to obtain the appropriate visa. :frowning:


I don’t believe so. It was the the Monday after RDC if I remember correctly.


Then nope :frowning:

Mine was on the Friday before the Kickoff party


I’d love to go as I’ll be 18 when it starts, but I live in England and I’m not in any form of education so I suppose I cannot get a visa?


Hi vsnry - yeah unfortunately you need to attend at least one semester of university before you are eligible for the visa.


Thank you everyone for signing up for the 2019 Accelerator / Incubator Spring Program. The survey has been closed and we will begin reviewing the applications submitted.

Please expect a follow up message from the Developer Relations Team in the next couple of months.