2019 Accelerator / Incubator Spring Application


Just a question about “pursuing further education”, if I were to be enrolled in a college from the UK how exactly would this play out? Would I be doing my own college work out of the country or…? What does this mean exactly? Because I really doubt the college would permit you to just leave the country and not do any work. This is what stopped me from applying for this year and I guess I forgot to ask.


The Accelerator Program actually accelerated my path to success on Roblox. I would definitely recommend applying :slight_smile:


In order to get a visa to come intern in the US you have to be “pursuing further education” ie attending a university. You would not be doing your college work out of the country since this opportunity is not university classes. Attending a university is just a requirement in order to apply for visa in order to intern in the US.


finally have a free schedule this year to do this, guess I should sign up


Right, but how would you attend university or college without taking any classes? This is what’s baffling me the most. Does it mean currently attending or previously attended?


You need to have a student status in your own country to get a visa to get into the US. (PS: In university and other higher education, you don’t lose your student status for X months that this would take if you keep paying your tuition fees during that period.)


You do have to take a full semester of classes before you can intern in the US. So you can take off the spring semester to attend the Spring internship. A lot of our international developers tend to come for the summer internship so they do not have to take a semester off of university.


Oh right, that makes more sense now. Thank you.


“Incubator vs Accelerator?
The primary difference between the incubator and accelerator program is time and outcome. While the accelerator program focuses on previously created content and whimsical ideas, the incubator program focuses on production and development of a new project and taking one idea from inception to completion. This is a professional development opportunity for folks and teams looking to get a firsthand look at life as a professional developer.”

Source: Introducing a brand new ROBLOX development program: The Incubator


That post is over a year and a half old.

In the Accelerator you generally work on a new game, although a smaller portion of the developers who already have popular games choose to work on a large update/series of updates for their existing game.


I’m from the UK. My course includes a year in industry I know many other universities offer this. However Roblox won’t be part of my year in industry as I have just finished 10 months of industry but this has given me the free time necessary for the placement.

If any international students have questions about the process of Visas etc then feel free to get in touch and I’ll try my best to guide you!


A year and a half isn’t all that long ago considering how often this opportunity pops up. I was merely going off of the Devforum Head said.


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Wish I was old enough to apply! :weary:


a few more years… just a few…


Yeah theres literally 3 different snack rooms. Maybe even more now


Last year at RDC, I went on an unofficial tour of the Roblox HQ and the room where they shove dev. rel. and the two programs. I can vouch. There is food. (We asked a lot of them)


Were you on my unofficial tour?


With EndorsedModel and x_o, and MightyWanderer as well as our friend LightAnderson? I believe so.


Was it the one where we barged into an intern meeting and said who we were and what we worked on with a microphone?