[20k Robux per map] Hiring two builders, giving a map each


Hey, I’m GoatRBX, owner of Cardinal Studios . While I solo most of the work on Cardinal Studio’s games, I need a few new maps for a game of mine.

About The Job

I am needing 2 maps for this game here.

Im looking for a quality build. I have outlines/build plans for both maps and am looking to have them done in a week or less. We can always talk about increasing the robux payment, to make both sides feel like it was a fair and good deal.


20k Robux for a map build.

Contact Us

If you’re interested drop your portfolio down below.
Send me a DM if you have any questions.

Short and Simple :heart:


Hey there i’m interested, Add me on discord: sureloxx#7985. You say send you a DM yet we don’t know your Discord user?

Anyways here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Scripter

My discord is TheSlayer#3268
And iha ve more example if u want

Hey, my partner @awesomerebeccachen and I are looking into this!

I sent you a request on discord. lily#4000

Hey, I’m pretty interested in this job!
Here’s my portfolio:

Hello! This seems like a very lucrative opportunity and I’d love to give a hand in adding on to your already amazing game. Here is my portfolio if you’d have any interest in taking a look!

And my discord is: kyle.#6196

Hello! I have seen your post and I am interested on fulfilling the task. I have multilple experiences working for groups ranging 10-100k members. Here’s a link to my portfolio: Aleuoria | Experienced Builder | [OPEN!] - #6 by Kadravaa

Thanks for reading!

Contact info: ale(JA)-Vera#7765

Do you still need a builder?

Random Guy on the internet#1081

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Arc#x2777, portfolio only showing a little example of my work down below, dm me for some more pictures :slight_smile:
Arc_ade's Building/Modeling Portfolio (Open)

Hello! Me and @retoxicate are interested in this job! Friend me on discord, hadeel#4473

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If you’re still looking for a builder or ever need one.

Very interested. Here is my portfolio. Thank you.

Hey there, i’m interested, u can add me on discord LEGENDARY#9696.
here is my portfolio: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/low-poly-builder-for-hire-here-is-my-portfolio-april-2020/532619

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